MCFC training report 24/02/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 24 February 2012 13:24

MCFC training report 24/02/2012

Back at Carrington in the rain and a very full house in the dug out. Alongside me and Neil were a group of prizewinners from the Arab Emirates followed everywhere by a camara watching their every move plus a few Italians who were clearly good friends of Roberto. At least one of them played with him.

20 players on show in the new training gear including Carlos which would have pleased the photographers who had positioned themselves in the trees to get pictures as they came out of the boot room! They really looked desperate and a few moved around to get what they could from the full training session. One of them with extra long ladders to get the best view. As they started Kolarov passed over an extra pair of boots which we put in the dug out. They are so light it's ridiculous!

Mario came out smiling,took one of the poles out of the ground (no jokes please) and threatened a full javelin throw, Carlos changed his boot (probably a photo op for many) and they all went off for a jog and keep ball circle work 200+ yards away. Even from that distance there was plenty of noise, roars of laughter as they enjoyed what they were doing.

Then into that passing game with poles to score through as long as everyone in the team was in the attacking half. Nigel claimed a goal as he shot wide from just in front of us. Cheeky sod he is as his big smile gave away! Carlos did score one, quickly followed by Vinnie from some good work from AJ then Edin finished it off. More fitness exercises followed where they were split into Wednesday's team and the rest before that team went inside. They didnt need a "full" game at the end of today's session. A team from the EDS came over to fill in the numbers. Whilst this was being sorted Mario had a little session in goal against Joe. Sadly nothing was on target that I saw.

Benali, Tse, Scapuzzi, Filipo Mancini, Suarez, Roman, Bunn, MJ, Wabara all involved. An early goal from Bunn was disallowed for off side, Edin almost scored with a backheel but a combination of Zaba and Costel saved, then Costel saved again from Edin. The 1st goal came from Roman and was quickly followed by one from Scapuzzi who just knocked in a loose ball.

Milner sent over a great cross, which even got praise from the boss, and Roman hit the post from it. Great praise though for Stu Taylor who got a touch on it. Two quick goals then from Edin equalled the scoring. The 1st a header from a Mancini cross and then a sublime through ball (like Yaya's on wednesday) from Pizarro for Edin to run onto. Kidd announced it was golden goal time. Mario got annoyed when he was penalised for 3 touches in the defensive half (shame as it was great tracking back), Kolarov went into a crunching tackle (not his first) before that man Carlos scored the winner.

That was the end, as most went in and Mario launched a ball into orbit. 3 stayed for some shooting practice. CT, JM and AJ. I would have to say CT was very good as was AJ and on this occasion JM coming 3rd which is unusual. I forgot Pizarro also stayed out but he was just assisting with the feeds for the shooting practice.

In answer to the questions Carlos was just one of 20 out there training today. He wasn't special but did a good session. Looked reasonably fit to me but might have been carrying a pound.