MCFC training report 23/02/2012

By Neil McNab's Tash, Thu 23 February 2012 15:38

MCFC training report 23/02/2012

Went along to Carrington today, wasn't expecting too much as it's normally a warmdown day for the team who have played the night before.

No DH today as he was injured but is expecting to be available for selection tomorrow, I hope he is, he's much better at writing these reports than me!

Only a few on show today, made up of subs and squad members from last night.

Costel, Zab, Rekik, Kolo, Kolarov, Milner, AJ, Pizarro, Mario, Dzeko and Carlos Tevez, as I write this most of you would have seen the images from the press, so it's no surprise that he's mentioned, he looks a little weighty but nothing that 2-3 weeks of intense training wouldn't put right, the group welcomed him and to be honest there was a really good vibe around the session even though it was only a small number of players, maybe tomorrow will be more of a tester when the first team get back involved, I'm sure without any issues. We and they all move on.

The session started with a gentle jog around the pitch with a few stretches and limbering up exercises, then over to a brief ball session with two touch passing.

RM then took all the players onto a full scale pitch which was where the cameras were able to get the footage of Tevez, RM was very thorough with this drill which was all based on organisation, this lasted for about 10-15 minutes and was very interesting to watch, it's how he does it every time he drills the team about shape and movement, I guess the results speak for themselves!

The midfielders and attackers then went over to play head tennis, whilst the defenders were taken through more organisational moves.

The session ended with a short sided game, some notables was a great bit of skill from Savic to create an opening and a good finish, Tevez had a couple of nice finishes as did Dzeko, the outstanding moment of the morning was from AJ, he was wide of the left, the ball came quickly to him he flicked it up, teed it up on his knee, then a left footed volley screamed past Stu Taylor, which brought approval from all sides.

The session finished with the usual banter flying around from the winning team, I'm becoming multi-lingual in swear words now!

Not a lot to report and apologies for the brief report but there wasn't much expected from today and the bonus of seeing Tevez made the journey worthwhile.

As mentioned, I'm sure tomorrow will bring another interesting slant when all the lads are back, but from today's events, there won't be a problem, this group is really tight and the spirit is very good.