MCFC training report 08/02/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Wed 08 February 2012 15:45

MCFC training report 08/02/2012

Another really good session today but very different from yesterday. And it started with the great sight of Vinnie coming out alongside Nasri. So those rumours of Vinnie having an operation last week weren't true, surprise surprise. As they were all milling around waiting for the boss to gather them for the initial briefing Sergio and Pablo decided to try the old playground trick to floor Mario. Pablo getting onto all 4's behind Mario as Sergio pushed him over. The old ones are the best:)

23 players on view today with Rekik, Razak,  Roman, Suarez and Helan still involved and only Hargreaves missing. Mancini took a team away early on to work with and the rest stayed back to do some gentle but specific ball exercises. Lots of emphasis on a good touch,whether it's volleys, half volleys, chest, head etc. Then everyone into fitness exercises which is where Vinnie and Samir were separate doing their own thing under the watchful eye of Mancini. Dzeko with these two as well catching up on what he missed yesterday.

Then into a passing game with the small nets to score in as long as 10 passes had been completed. Mario missed the beginning of this as he ran inside but in the end I think he scored the only goal with a header. 3 of the young ones missed out on this game to help with the keeper training (Roman, Scapuzzi and Helan). Up to this point the work had been quality but not intense or especially energetic which I felt yesterday was. That was before the final session which was 6 a side with 4 teams competing against each other in very short games. Unfortunately there was an injury which didnt look good as he was piggy backed off and then whisked away on a buggy. An ankle injury to Razak. Not sure how it happened but I just hope its a knock rather than ligament trouble.

So onto the 6 a side and it was quite frantic and impossible to watch everything with 2 games going on simultaneously and goals flying in all the time. Another injury happened very quickly which again looked worrying but I think it was just Rekik got caught in the face and lost a contact lens!I hope it was that anyway and not a tooth :) Mario also got an ankle knock but it was nothing and he was just milking it.

Although plenty of goals I think Mancini was more concerned that the movement was good and the tracking and closing of players was equally good. He didnt want anyone coasting and the energy and desire was there for all to see. Not least as ever from Nigel and I think he scored 3 in the first game. So many goals and I will have missed plenty as well probabbly but I saw:

Nigel about 5
Suarez 2
Scapuzzi 3
Edin 6
Aguero 1 ( I must have missed some)
Helan 2
Milner 2
Mario 2
Kolarov 2
Zaba 2

Some beauties in there too but it was only 6 a side and the keepers worked overtime pulling off masses of great saves. Hard to tell who won but I think it was given away with Nigel's raised arm and celebrations with Joleon when the final final whistle blew. Their team also included Silva (maybe he scored and I missed it) Edin and Joan Roman. All good stuff and as they were all called to the physio for a warm down Mario stayed back for a couple of penalties. And yes he scored both against Joe who's words in response are not printable :)