MCFC training report 03/02/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 03 February 2012 14:18

MCFC training report 03/02/2012

I was thinking before going to Carrington today how proud and privileged I am, along with Neil from BlueMoon, in being able to go along and watch City train. The English Premier league is the best league in the world and City are currently the best team in the country, we have some world class players and a brilliant squad with a top manager and here we are getting the chance to stand on the touchline to watch training and even do reports for a fans forum. WOW.

Anyway the sun was shining as the players came out and everybody present except Vinnie who is still not right with the knee he injured at Everton. Micah was looking ok with no bandage on his knee. All the usual stuff for starters to get warmed up and Mancini took all the defenders to work on some specifics while the rest kept doing exercises and keep ball circle work. A few other fans had walked around the far side to get what view they could and a couple of cameramen were also that side with ladders trying as ever to get a headline photo.

There were 18 players involved today with Rekik,Razak and Scapuzzi (not F Mancini as I had thought yesterday) and the keepers were working away at the other end of the undersoil heated pitch. A few games of 1 and 2 touch passing followed and then a sort of match with the small goals to score in. There were plenty of near misses from Mario (2), Edin (2), Aleks, GazBaz before finally Mario swept one home and the game ended.

A few more exercises followed that while the keepers were finishing off with some long clearances. Some good, some not so good but Attilio Lombardo positioned himself way in to the opposition half and called for the keepers to aim at him! You can imagine which 2 words Joe chose to shout at him:) And so onto the game.

- Very early on and Mario showed real quality bursting passed two defenders before scoring with a good cross shot.
- Joe made a great save with his feet
- Scapuzzi controlled a left foot volley but just wide
- Vinnie came out for some work with Carminati to give hope for tomorrow
- Some pin ball after a corner was belted home by Rekik for 2 nil
- Edin close with a glancing header
- Joe was always evident with his shouting and encouraging. Other voices I could hear most were Micah, Nigel and Joleon
- Pizzaro! Nothing obvious from him but maybe that's because he doesnt dwell on the ball. Simple quick passes and always available.
- Another really good save with feet and this time from Costel and then again from Joe
- Top class pass from Mario to Zaba just evading the full back and almost a goal
- AK just missed from a good chance
- Mario close

Then some slack defending allowed Razak to find Barry free in the middle and he scored easily leaving some defenders very unhappy and that was that at 3 nil! A bunch stayed out for some shooting practice (MB, AK, ED, JM, NDJ) while Razak, Clichy and Savic did a little work together. All felt very positive today and hopefully all the negatives from Everton will have gone.