MCFC training report 02/02/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 02 February 2012 13:55

MCFC training report 02/02/2012

Dressed up with all sorts of extra clothing and it was almost tropical with the sun beating down. Straight into my eyes so I couldnt see much either. As I went out the EDS boys were filing into the dome, created alonside the entrance drive for just this kind of weather.

Everyone out training today apart from Vinnie. He took a knock against Everton and was having an extra days recovery but I am assured will be fine for weekend. Micah was out but with a heavily banaged knee (from the warm up on Tuesday) but he was only out for 10 minutes or so. Again expected to be fine for Saturday. And then there's Milner with a heavy bandage on a hand. Nothing serious for James though just a broken hand. After jogging and a pass move initial exercise all the team from Tuesday went inside and the rest played an 8 a side game.

This included Efe Ambrose again and Rekik, Razak,H elan, Roman, F Mancini and also Mario back now to start his preparation for his next game a couple of weeks away. And of course Pizarro. And straightaway he made his mark by scoring the opening goal. I was told that yesterday in his first session he was mega impressive, not least with the way he passed the ball around both long and short.

The game itself was relatively short (Joe would have shouted himself hoarse if it had gone on much longer) and I think finished 3-3. The other goals were:

- A beautiful 20 yarder from AJ
- Nigel sweeping one in from about 10 yards when an attack seemed to break down
- Hargreaves very similar to Nigel
- Helan latching onto a loose ball
- and finally Mario after a defender had just about stopped a great pass from Pizarro but he won the ball and volleyed home

Only an hours overall session today. Mancini did have words that I saw with a few players but I would expect a lot of talking would have been done yesterday and the main preparation for Fulham would be tomorrow.