MCFC training report 20/01/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 20 January 2012 13:53

MCFC training report 20/01/2012

Now I know what it's like to have a shower fully dressed! A full squad out today minus Viinie and the ACON boys. And still Nedum despite my expectations that he might have been off somewhere for a medical or someting. Even a photographer and a fan wandering behind the fencing... those were the days.

Mario and Razak out early kicking a ball around before all the others arrived. Off for a gentle jog and giving the keepers planty of grief as they passed by. I was part of a group of 5 watching, all the others being young Italians who Mancini greeted before the start. Then it was into a series of exercises all with a ball, all about first touch, varying between passes, volleys, headers, chest and pass etc. Kidd was leading on all this and very vocal but it didn't stop Mancini stepping in very early to show them the intensity he expected.

In one little break in this action Mario started a little juggle with a difference. Heading the ball high into the air again and again. Very impressive. He certainly seemed in good spirits but to be fair they all did. I even got the chance to wish Hargreaves a happy birthday while he was changing boots. Mancini then took everyone to another pitch for some tactical work and this was the main part of today's session. A lot longer than usual working on all sorts of corner and free kick routines and as ever great care taken in all aspects. Those not invloved in this work (they all were at different times) were in fairly constant action doing fitness routines.

Then onto the game at the end but very different than usual as it was using 4 small nets and no keepers. Well actually there were 2 keepers but they didn't play in nets. Joe and Panti were outfield players. Plenty of goals in tis session but I am not sure how many counted. I think the rule was a certain number of passes had to be completed before a goal could be scored but I reckon the players lost sight of that detail. Mancini though was very clear as he stepped in that he was a lot more concerned with teams passing and keeping the ball than he was in scoring a goal.

- Barry scored 2 early on
- Comments were made that Panti would play out of goal to mark Crouch when we play Stoke
- Both keepers showed some good touches.Joe more of a holding defensive player and Panti a more roving role
- Silva, Edin, Zaba, Barry again scored goals
- best few moments were when a decision went against Joe and he turned shouting at the ref Lombardo. Then Silva chirped in and Joe went at him laughing and calling him a liar ( a bit Cannon and Ball had to be there)
- Panti went down under one challenge( non challenge actually) and it was like Blackpool Tower being demolished.

Not the longest overall session. One more to go and I hope it doesnt keep raining as those pitches are seriously wet.