MCFC training report 19/01/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 19 January 2012 15:41

MCFC training report 19/01/2012

Busy day at Carrington with a host of people there when I arrived. Charity related as there were some in wheelchairs with their families and everything orchestrated by Lorraine with Sharon running around taking pictures. They all (I tagged along) got in position to meet the players as they came out from the changing rooms to give autographs on shirts and pictures plus plenty of posing with the players as well. I expect it will all be on the OS in one of the inside Carrington features.

Included also was City and Englands under 14's keeper making sure she got Joe's signature on her gloves (wish I could remember names, sorry). As they all went inside for a tour I set off to watch the training and walking around the pitch (I don't walk across) there was Mario sorting his boots out in the dug out. Seemed in good nick and assured me he is fully fit. Got the pleasure of meeting his brother later on as well alongside the pitch.

17 on show today with Rekik, Suarez, Bridge, Assulin and I think Biton all working with the EDS players. No Vinnie and no Aguero today but I was assured all is fine with him. I reckon he has worked hard enough of late to deserve an extra day! So this is day 1 of 3 leading up to a big game and there were lots of cones/poles/markers, little goals etc etc set up for what I expected to be intricate fitness routines.

A few jogs around and then they split into two groups for some gentle ball work and just Mario doing something a little different under the watchful eye of Ivan Carminati. Logical really as he has missed a week or so and needs different work to regain his best fitness. The early rain had disappeared now and the sun was out to make it almost tropical. Milner was very quickly down to a short sleeved shirt.

Mancini then took a team away for some of the usual work leaving the rest to get into the intricate routines I expected as well as a little extra running. I watched Mancini take the team through plenty of the same shape and passing routines and including some specific stuff for Spurs. I was near enough to hear specific names mentioned as they went though attacking and defensive movemants. Nothing today on corners and free kicks but no doubt that's for another day.

One of the mannequins got involved again, mimicking Parker by bringing the boss down! Again one of the things noticeable to me was the great care Mancini took when looking at the positions players take up in a defensive situation. Often moving a player by a couple of yards so they have the right angles covered and giving the right support to another player. Mancini changed plenty of the players to run through the same stuff before it was time for the game.

3 didnt take part in the game but did some extra work with physios but nothing sinister in that as their situation just needed some different work. They were Silva, Micah and Mario (Savic also for a short while before he joined the game). As it was only 8 a side there was more space than usual and maybe not quite as intense again as often in the 1st training session of the week.

A great save from Panti started the game from a Razak shot
Nigel had an easy tap in.Sadly it went just over
Then 2 goals from AJ.Bottom left from 20 yards and then a trademark left foot curler to the bottom right.
Nigel then made up for his miss scoring after a great one two with Milner
Milner then scored but was off side
Joe Hart wasn't playing but was practicing his golf swing as he left
Mario finished his work and started taking pot shots at his brother
Nasri brought a class ave from Taylor touching it onto a post and away
Top goalline clearance from Clichy
a brilliant effort from Nigel clipped the bar.outside of the right foot from an angle on the right side
great save by Panti from Barry but Dzeko onto the rebound with a back heel for Barry for a tap in
Kolarov smashed one onto a post with his usual power
Edin scored with a classy side footer
AK fouled Milner when through but nothing given although Massimo was giving it from close up. Milner called for a change in the referee.
another AK blast saved by Panti
a magical bit of interplay between Milner and Nigel almost made a goal
then brilliance by Nasri set up AJ comimg in from the left to clinically finish and that was that.

Only Milner (chatting with the boss) and Clichy stayed out for more. I think Clichy was looking for somebody to play with! As I left a stretch limo arrived but it wasnt for me. Mario came out of the car park a little quickly and I noticed SWP still has a parking space.

A good session, everyone looking fit and well, just 2 more to go.