MCFC training report 10/01/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Tue 10 January 2012 13:51

MCFC training report 10/01/2012

All group out today with the one exception of Silva.Mancini did say in his press conference he was a slight doubt and today he was inside. First out were Aguero and Mario and both in very good moods.A couple of typical Mario moments as first he did keepy ups with some chewing gum.Pretty good too till he volleyed it at Jose.Then he took the training schedule off Fausto and started handing out the bibs as players came out. Mario loves bibs.

I was one of about 6 watchers today with the rest being Italian and maybe one Bosnian by the way Edin chatted to him when he came out. Noticed too that photographers were circling again.There is one bit of high fencing/curtain missing and 3 of the vultures were squeezed into get pictures.18 players were out on show which again included Nedum and Hargreaves but no Bridge again while the EDS boys were training on the far pitch.

There was a great buzz about the group today I thought.Everyone in good mood and quite a few acknowledgements to the guys watching.That made me reflect that although there are often people watching and very often they might be related to players (Nasri's brothers, Joleon's cousin,Yaya friends) I have never noticed anything but total focus from the players once the training session gets under way. Of course that's 100% the way it should be but just something I have become aware of being so close.

After some normal initial routines Mancini took a team away for tactical work in preparation for the semi leaving the rest behind for a keep ball circle session.That was right in front of me and was fun to watch and clearly fun to be involved in.Razak was the butt of some good banter and at times Nigel was playing the joker which he does so well .Most of the players were called over by Mancini at some time to join in the team session so they would be clear on whatever plans were being worked on.

All back then for a one touch passing game,which evolved into 2 touch and then passing between two poles to count as a goal added some extra focus.Then finally in this part the small goals were introduced and it was 2 touch with a 1 touch finish.Nasri hit the bar,AJ headed onto the bar and Edin scored the only goal. Mario had one blocked late on by Savic and then studded him in response. HE DIDN'T REALLY but joked the action so maybe the vultures will get that picture.

That was a really lively session prior to the end game. With Joe and Panti joining the group plus a few players from the EDS. They were both the Mancini sons plus Nir Biton,Suarez,Rekik,De Silva and a few others just hung around to watch( Meppen-Walter,Tom Smith ,Freddie Veseli) Highlights of the game that I can remember were:
Joe shouting loudly trying to get Vinnie to shoot from 25 yards
Nir Biton looking stronger and more involved than the first time I saw him when he was probably a bit intimidated. Looks an interesting player.
Brilliant Rekik tackle to stop Edin
Superb Edin goal taking the ball on his chest under pressure and half volleying left footed low into the corner.
Excellent goal from Francisco De Silva
Adreas Mancini chasing back to block a cross after a stray pass
Nir B hitting the post with a great snap shot and shortly after scoring wit a well struck shot
GB smashing one onto the underside of the bar
Brilliant Panti save
Brilliant Mario goal bursting through the defence and dummying the keeper.
Suarez scoring a neat goal
Vinnie showing great ball skills in attacking mode but crowded out by 4 players
Great Joe save at attackers feet
Kolarov attacking Brandon the ball boy (very funny unless you were the target)
and it all finshed with Mario again breaking through the defence with very quick feet and again going past the keeper before nonchalently smacking it in from a yard out as the final whistle went.

Good session to watch, everyone in high spirits and you may have gathered I took pen and paper to remember some of that :)