MCFC training report 05/01/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 05 January 2012 16:20

MCFC training report 05/01/2012

Privileged again to get inside although when I arrived at Carrington I thought the end of the world was nigh. It had gone very dark with a violent swirling wind and the hail was just flying in sideways. Just another training session though although most of the team from the Pool game were not involved. Just Micah I think to start with. I think the rest were in yesterday for warm down stuff but not at all today and maybe not tomorrow either.

16 on show today which included Bridge and Nedum (maybe nothing imminent there then) Rekik, Suarez and Francisco De Silva (I think). I have seen this lad a couple of times before and he looks a decent midfield player. Plus we had a triallist on show who remined me of a foreign, young Peter Crouch just based on being tall and thin.

The usual jogging and fitness/stretching routines started it all off before they moved into a quick passing game where the coaches I am sure will have been looking for movement as much as anything to ensure there were plenty of passing options. All looked good,despite the wind even though it was really gusting. No surprise that the new higher fencing had been blown down allowing a couple of vulture photographers back and snapping away. Then a break for more fitness routines which Micah stayed out of. He just did a little extra running before going in.

Then Mancini took the main squad players into some tactical stuff, mostly attacking while the rest did a keep ball circle right in front of me. Hard to watch what was going on with this right under my nose but the one very apparent thing was how hands on Mancini was as he involved himself as one of the players showing them when and how to move into positions to either recieve balls or just make space for others. All good stuff and with most attacks leading to a cross of some kind the best striker on view was AJ who scored for fun today including one excellent near post header.

The match at the end was 8 a side and Mancini donned an orange bib to make up the numbers. His aide Jose turned to me to say they would lose 5 nil. As if the manager would play for the losing side! It ended 6-2 I think and of course Mancini City won.

The goals were from Kolarov 2, Rekik 2, Savic and Suarez with the 2 in reply coming from Peter Crouch. Both very well taken as well. He definitely looked more at home in the game than in the other quick passing stuff but impossible to really have a clear judgement.