MCFC training report 30/12/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 30 December 2011 14:33

MCFC training report 30/12/2011

Non stop rain today but because there was no wind it felt like perfect conditions. I took a brolly but decided not to do my McLaren impression. 5 of us watching today. Joleon's cousin Martin plus 2 little un's and an older Italian guy who Mancini came straight over to for a quick chat. Top fella Martin for a Liverpool fan!! Sounds like he lets Joleon beat him on the PS3:) The kids got a bit bored at times but just loved playing with a ball and getting dirty.

A full 25 squad out again today including Bridge, Razak, Roman and Suarez as yesterday. Hargreaves didnt stay fully involved and a couple of others were kept out of the game at the end. Usual stuff to warm up and then like yesterday a two touch pass/move game which was great to highlight to the young lads the superb technique on display and the 100% importance of that first touch. With the rain of course the surface is very slick but walking on it makes you realise just how heavy it is now as we have had so much rain.

Competitive as ever with decisions being challenged all the time. Mancini ended that and took a team away to repeat a lot of what he did on thursday. The others switched between some short sharp fitness work and keep ball circles before it was their turn to work with the boss. The only ones not involved during this part were Bridge, Suarez, Rekik and Roman who again were helping with the keepers providing shots and crosses. I got a big smile out of Nigel as he went past me by congratulating him on his cake decorating talent.

Then the game at the end and the keepers came over looking like thay had been bathing in mud. Covered pretty well head to toe. I don't think the pitch made it easy to play on as it was a mixture of skiddy and heavy but it did give opportunity for a few lovely slide tackles. No surprise to see some beauties from Nigel and Micah. The first goal was a little rare as it was from the right foot of Silva. After a bit of inter passing on the edge of the box he hit it curling away from the keeper and in off the post.

The main reason it stayed with just that goal for a long long time was Panti who was in inspired form with one superb save from a close in Aguero blockbuster. It was a 10 a side game so the 4 weren't involved this time. As they were going in, Andy Welsh shouted to Suarez to make sure he got into the ice bath and I think asking one of the others to make sure he did. The next goal was a classic breakaway from a corner which isnt all that easy on the half size pitch. A few went up for a header,including Vinnie but it was cleared and in a second or two Yaya was free, rounding the keeper and tapping home at the other end. There was some dispute, as ever, but I think the goal stood. The nearest to beating Panti was a sublime bit of skill from Nasri where he beat one or two then flicked the ball over the final defenders head but sadly then volleyed the ball just over.

Just one more goal, a tap in from Mario right on full time sealed the result. Quite a few others had joined the watching throng late on. Some were Italian but others I think were press and I think they had a few interviews lined up for later. Also I noticed some of the regular photographers were around behind the fences and had managed to get a vantage point for the pitch being used today being the closest to the Sale Sharks training ground. A few other City fans had come along hoping for a look but probably more interested in getting autographs later. There were probably a dozen or so fans hoping players would stop when they were leaving.