A Look at How Guardiola is Leaving a Legacy As Manchester City's Manager

By Bluemoon Staff, Wed 22 May 2024 10:28

A Look at How Guardiola is Leaving a Legacy As Manchester City's Manager 

Few names are as influential in football management today as Pep Guardiola. His tactics and strategic thinking completely transformed the football sport. In the final stages of his spell as manager of Manchester City, Guardiola's influence spreads through and beyond the team.

Since Guardiola arrived at the Etihad Stadium in 2016, Manchester City has experienced a phase of success that’s hardly incompatible with any other British club.

What Is He for the Team?

His influence goes beyond just winning titles. He’s also created an ethos and style of playing that are now hallmarks of our club's lineage. Following his departure, this article looks at how Guardiola will continue to affect Manchester City, impacting its present and future both on and off the field. This is especially significant given the team’s prominence on live betting platforms, mobile apps and computer games.

What Makes Guardiola So Special?

His attention to detail, tactics, daring and avant-garde style, and ability to push players to their limits set Josep Guardiola apart from others in EPL football coaching today.

When planning his coaching philosophy, Guardiola believes there must be careful, meticulous preparation and strategic cleverness everywhere one looks. His late-night study of opponents' tactics makes this clear.

Pep's coaching style isn’t just about tactics. He knows how to manage his players and bring out the best, whether entrusting Lionel Messi with freedom on the field or rejuvenating careers for figures like Raheem Sterling and Fabien Delph at Manchester City.

Yet, sceptics argue that Guardiola's success is impossible in places with finite resources and talent. His approach doesn’t work for the majority of teams. Heavily reliant on assembling a team of top players and with a sizeable financial overhaul, Guardiola eschewed it.

He’s different from managers like Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp, who can achieve success with fewer resources and adaptability. Still, Guardiola's ability to turn Manchester City into a major force in English football record-breakers who win championships is proof of his excellent coaching skills.

What Did He Manage To Achieve With Man City?

FIFA Club World Cup Trophy

City won their first FIFA Club World Cup Trophy in 2023 with a 4-0 victory over the Brazilian Fluminense. As a result, Guardiola became the first manager to win four FIFA Club World Cups, further burnishing his legend at Manchester City.

Carabao Cup Successes

Under Guardiola, City has had a spell of domination in the Carabao Cup, winning the trophy four times between 2017/18 and 2020/21. This was the most extended sequence of such consecutive victories. The likes of Aguero, Sterling and Laporte have brought their dominance in domestic cup competitions to the world's attention with fantastic goals.

FA Cup Victories

Notwithstanding a busier-than-usual timetable, Guardiola has led City to two FA Cup successes within two seasons. One was their haunting 6-0 victory against Watford in 2019, which got a historic Campaign off to a fabulous start. They also made it last season, thanks to Gündogan brace in an all-Manchester final with United.

UEFA Super Cup Title

With Guardiola winning the 2023 UEFA Super Cup, Manchester City grabbed their first crown. They edged out Sevilla in one of the season's most famous matches with a penalty shootout.

Community Shield Titles

City also won the Community Shield twice during Guardiola's reign, auguring a successful start to their seasons. In 2018, they defeated FA Cup Winners Chelsea. Plus, in 2019, they were victorious against runners-up Liverpool.

Champions League Triumphs

Guardiola finally led Manchester City to glory in 2022/23, becoming only the second English team to win a Triple (including the FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League). They overcame Inter in the final, completing a momentous double by sweeping all five significant trophies available to English clubs within a single year.

Premier League Domination

Under Pep Guardiola, Manchester City have lifted the Premier League championship five times, frequently staying the distance and setting numerous precedents along with their success. Yet Guardiola's method has transformed the title. Lightning's quick points accumulation from City saw them amass 625 points in just seven seasons.

Their first Premiership triumph (2017/18) also marked the first occasion that any team reached 100 points in one season in the history of the old Alliance. Since then, they’ve won titles in thrilling style, with memorable runs such as 14 consecutive victories and last season's unbeaten streak of 25 games.

Is Guardiola Firm on Leaving the Club?

Fans do hope he may resign next spring. In events, City will become the first side to win four straight titles, e.g. something that’s never happened before in England. Guardiola has already achieved impressive success at City, breaking the point record for a league championship, winning the country's first-ever Triple Crown and booting a second 'Real' Triple Crown last season.

If he stays on, the only thing he can accomplish is to win a fifth consecutive title or take Europe by storm with a second European Cup. Yet, these may not be as influential as he’s already achieved. Risks are also involved in Guardiola's legacy.

If City were to be beaten to the crown by his former assistant at Arsenal, that might also reflect poorly upon him. On top of everything else, his football philosophy has turned in recent years. The open, attractive style for which it was known no longer exists in Warden Road.

With the possibility of legal difficulties looming over the club, he could avoid further embarrassment by stepping down now. Looking at the experience of managers like Ferguson and Klopp, who left at the top, Guardiola might consider a sudden announcement at the end of the season, too.

This would be advantageous because it would give him ample time to orientate himself about future career openings. For example, he might move on to manage a national team, and if all goes well, in time for the 2026 World Cup to boot.

While there are good reasons for Guardiola to stay, being able to leave now would enable him to withdraw from this very successful organisation under his terms.