Highest-Paid Man City Players

By Bluemoon Staff, Wed 13 March 2024 09:48

Highest-Paid Man City Players 

Last year, the New York Times revealed that Manchester City’s massive $500 million payroll was the largest in English soccer history. And it paid off, as the Boys in Blue won their third consecutive Premier League that season. But among our midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers, who exactly is raking in the biggest salaries of them all? 

Kevin De Bruyne

Base Annual Salary: £20,800,000

Number one on the list is none other than Kevin De Bruyne, a player integral to the midfield and highly considered one of the greatest players of his generation. He began his career in the Premier League, signing with Chelsea in 2012 and with City in the 2015-16 season, with spells in Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg in between. 

Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, his career started to really flourish. He placed third in the running for the prestigious Ballon d’Or during his initial season with the club. Now in his ninth season with Manchester City, his influence on the team only continues to grow, with many accolades on and off the pitch.

Erling Haaland

Base Annual Salary: £19,500,000

Haaland is no doubt a player you expected to see at the top of the list. After all, he scored 16 goals in 18 of the games he played, making him statistically the number-one player on the team in the 2023-24 season. He also graces the cover of EA Sports FC 24, the first instalment in the EA Sports FC series.

His debut season with Manchester City solidified him as one of the greatest strikers of all time, scoring hat-tricks in two games just four days apart – the fastest in Premier League history. His record-breaking season didn’t end there. He also scored a hat-trick in three back-to-back home games and five goals against RB Leipzig, tying Messi for the most goals scored in a single Champions League match.

Bernardo Silva

Base Annual Salary: £15,600,000

Above all else, Bernardo Silva is known best for his creativity on the pitch. He dominates the field as an intelligent player, with sharp passing skills, ball control and overall technique, earning him the nickname ‘Bubblegum’ due to his captivating dribbling, where the ball seems to stick to his feet like gum. His versatility and talent make him very capable in a range of midfielder, winger and striking roles, allowing Man City to take advantage of his play fluidity.

Hailing from Portugal, he has also been a staple in the Portugal national team from 2015 to present. In the current UEFA Euro 2024 season, he’s thus far scored three international goals.

Jack Grealish

Base Annual Salary: £15,600,000

Next on the list is Jack Grealish – an English winger whose career in football was pretty much set at the age of six. Joining Aston Villa in 2001 and making his debut for them in mid-2014, it took time for his career to mature. He started off as a substitute in several games between 2014 and 2015 and went through many ups and downs when it came to his responsibilities as a pro footballer.

Things began to change when Man City signed Grealish in 2021. At a transfer fee of £100 million, he became the most expensive transfer ever out of all English players at the time. His breakthrough positioned him as something he always was – a gifted and technical player who was able to breeze past defenders like it was nothing.

John Stones

Base Annual Salary: £13,000,000

Having won five Premier League titles with Man City (two FA Cups, two EFL Cups, and the UEFA Champions League), John Stones has built a reputation as a valuable defensive player in the club. Fellow players praise him most for his composure and calm, being able to neutralise opposing teams even in high-pressure situations. 

His career with Manchester City is dotted with standout wins and awards despite experiencing countless injuries throughout the years. His performance landed him a place on England’s World Cup team for the 2020 Euro, and he gradually established himself as one of the best defenders in Europe. Since then, he’s become an indispensable contributor to Man City in general.

Phil Foden

Base Annual Salary: £11,700,000

Hometown talent Phil Foden has been singing Man City’s praises ever since he was a little boy. Growing up just outside Manchester in Stockport, Foden joined the club at four years old and steadily made his way up the ranks. He achieved three big milestones in 2017 – winning the FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball award, making his debut for City and being named BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

Guardiola admires Foden for his proactive mentality and defensive awareness, reading the game and his opposition like a book. He also has a spectacular first touch that lets him manoeuvre the ball within tight spaces. Pairing his technical skill with his fearlessness and confidence, there’s no question why Foden earns such a generous yearly salary.


Base Annual Salary: £11,440,000

Recognised by the mononym ‘Rodri’, Rodrigo Cascante is a Spanish defensive midfielder whose journey started with Atlético Madrid and Villareal in La Liga. Later on, he signed with Manchester City in the 2019-2020 season. His dominant physical presence at 6’3 has allowed him to frequently break up attacks from the opposition, while his tactical knowledge of the game boosts his technical abilities and general performance. If you’d rather wager on football matches than live dealer gaming options at casinos.com, Rodri is a safe bet.

With a passing accuracy of an impressive 91-92%, Rodri clearly demonstrates a sound ability to control the midfield and arrange the team’s passing sequences. Orchestrating the team’s united defensive efforts, he’s dedicated to keeping Man City’s defence rock solid.