Injuries, Rodri and the past: does Phillips have a City future?!

By Bluemoon Staff, Fri 26 January 2024 11:10

Injuries, Rodri and the past: does Phillips have a City future?! 

Last season, when it was confirmed Leeds United would get relegated after a valiant but inadequate fight to stay up, one thing was clear; clubs would go there to shop. Clubs did visit Elland Road to get some of their best performers and among these top players was England international Kalvin Phillips. With all his promise, and the fact that he was a regular for both Leeds United and the Three Lions, this was a massive step up for Phillips. Having grown under Marcelo Bielsa, one of football’s best managers, then going to continue his development under the guidance of another top manager in Pep Guardiola can be the dream for any ambitious player. For punters following this player’s progress, this was going to form a big part of their betting analysis. The win factor is always higher when a team boasts an additional big player and this was definitely captured right through the favorite bookmakers to bet on football across the country, which are highlighted on Cheekypunter.

Combination of factors

However, 18 months later, it hasn’t turned out as expected as a combination of factors made it tough for Phillips to break through one of the best assembled squads in Europe. A squad that would go on to win a treble and add the Club World Cup title to it. When we reflect on what went wrong for Phillips, it is nothing of his making, and that’s why there’s a feeling he still has a future at Manchester City. The midfielder not only found himself having to battle for the same position played by one of the most accomplished defensive midfielders in Rodri, he was also slowed down by injury suffered immediately after joining the team. The fact that he was being managed by Pep, who really excelled in that position was further going to make matters tougher for the Englishman. Pep is a known stickler for perfection and this was always going to add on to the pressure. A combination of these factors have not only made it hard for Pep to handle questions about Phillips, but at some point almost sunk him into depression.

Two starts

The player who cost City £45m only started in two Premier League matches, from a possible 58. Momentarily, these problems seem to have been addressed, as Phillips is set to switch to London, where he will join West Ham United on loan. Under David Moyes, while he will still be expected to perform at the optimum, the pressure can’t match what he’s had at City. At this point, we all agree he can’t be Rodri but it is commendable to report that he leaves City without scandal, and with everyone’s blessings. He goes to a club, and manager, that wanted him before City swooped, and he will be in good hands. At West Ham United, he finds a stable club without ambitions over the roof and very welcoming for what he brings to the table. Apart from his defensive attributes seen at Leeds United, the ability to read the game will come as top attributes for his success at West Ham. Who knows, this may be the chance to show Pep what he can offer, earn himself another chance at the Etihad.