Europa League 2023/24: Who Leads the Race?

By Bluemoon Staff, Wed 15 November 2023 13:09

Europa League 2023/24: Who Leads the Race? 

As the Europa League 2023/24 season unfolds, several teams have emerged as clear frontrunners, setting the pace in their respective groups. One team that stands out is Liverpool, currently leading Group E with a strong performance. When looking at the Europa League 2023/24 odds, Liverpool are 10/3 (4.33) to win it, making them the favourites for European glory??. Their formidable showing, marked by a combination of tactical prowess and on-field chemistry, positions them as a team to watch.

In Group A, West Ham United and SC Freiburg are tied for the top spot, both teams having mirrored each other’s success with three wins and one loss??. Given West Ham’s Conference League win in 2023, they are also a frontrunner. 

Group H sees Bayer Leverkusen leading with an impeccable record of four wins out of four, a testament to their dominance and tactical acumen??. Their performance so far paints them as serious contenders, with Brighton and Roma also in the mix.

Underperformers: Falling Short of Expectations

In contrast, some teams have underperformed, failing to live up to pre-tournament expectations. Notably, teams like Ajax in Group B and Raków Czestochowa in Group D have found themselves struggling at the bottom of their groups??. Their inability to convert opportunities into victories has been a significant setback, putting their chances of going through in serous doubt.

Similarly, in Group G, Sheriff Tiraspol has had a disappointing campaign, with just one draw and three losses??. Although Hacken were not expected to see much success, their 0 points so far paints them as the weakest team.

Dark Horses: The Unexpected Challengers

Every season, the Europa League witnesses the rise of dark horses – teams that unexpectedly challenge the established hierarchy. This season, teams like Atalanta in Group D and Marseille in Group B have shown potential to be these surprise packages??. Atalanta, in particular, remains undefeated in their group, and while they’re still a big team, they’re not necessarily favourites at the start of the tournament.

Marseille's balanced approach, with a solid defense with a proactive attack, has allowed them to secure a strong position in their group. 

Champions League Pot Stirrers

Of course, there are still some teams left to enter the Europa League; namely, those who come third place in the Champions League. With just two games to play, this could be many variations. For example, though unlikely, Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund could still come third in their group despite being first. 

More likely, perhaps, are the likes of Newcastle United, AC Milan, Feyernoord, RB Salzburh, and Manchester United. One other notable team, Sevilla, still have a chance, as they would be hungry for their eighth Europa trophy.

Final Word

As the Europa League 2023/24 progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that this season is one of unpredictability and high competition. While teams like Liverpool and Bayer Leverkusen have solidified their positions as frontrunners, the league is still open for surprises with a few dark horses - not to mention the plethora of talent that will soon enter from the Champions League.

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