Ten Interesting Facts About Manchester City Football Club

By Guest writer, Mon 02 October 2023 15:36

Ten Interesting Facts About Manchester City Football Club 

After being crowned the UEFA Champions League winners in 2023, Man City has garnered a legion of new fans and strengthened the resolve of its existing fans. The club is one of the oldest in Premier League history and started life over 150 years ago. Its fanbase has stayed strong over the years, supporting the club through hard times and celebrating its successes.

There have been many twists and turns in its past and even diehard fans may have missed a few things. Here are some facts about MCFC.

  1. The club was started in 1880 by the rector of St. Mark's Church, Arthur Connell, and his daughter, Anna Connell. It was first called St Mark's, but having changed its name to Gorton FC and Ardwick AFC, it finally became Manchester City in 1894.
  2. By 1896 the club had moved to more spacious grounds in Hyde Road and became the city's most popular team. It earned a promotion to the First Division in 1899, which increased its fanbase.
  3. The joy of claiming their first FA Cup trophy was short-lived. Soon after they held the cup aloft in 1904, seventeen of their players were suspended due to alleged financial misconduct. The team's top player, Bill Meredith, moved to Manchester United, where he was instrumental in winning two league titles.
  4. The main stand at Hyde Road stadium burned down in 1923 and the club moved to Maine Road, which remained its home until 2003.
  5. In 1934, the team won its second FA Cup, and it also broke a record for the highest attendance to a game, with 84,569 home fans turning out to watch a sixth-round game against Stoke City.
  6. Three years later, Man City scored over 100 goals in a season and took home the First Division trophy. However the very next year the club was relegated which was the first time that had happened to a reigning champion.
  7. The club had a successful period during the 1960s and 70s under the guidance of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison, but this was followed by a long period of decline.
  8. In 2008, the Abu Dhabi billionaire Sheikh Mansour took over the club.
  9. In the next five years after the takeover, the club spent over £500 million on players and the name of the stadium was changed from Maine Road to Etihad Stadium in 2011.
  10. The club has now entered the metaverse by signing a new collaboration deal with the cryptocurrency exchange OKX. Both Man City and OKX have come together to create OKX Collective, which is a Web3 metaverse environment, where fans can access new content and merchandise from Man City.

So there you have it; ten interesting facts about MCFC! We hope you've been able to add some new facts to your knowledge of this top-class team.