Manchester City's New Plans And Strategies For The Upcoming Premier League 23/24

By Bluemoon Staff, Fri 04 August 2023 20:00

Manchester City's New  Plans And Strategies For The Upcoming Premier League 23/24 

Manchester City is not new to winning. It has been on a winning streak in the EPL from the 2017-2018 season till the 2022-2023 season. They have only lost once to Liverpool during the 2019-2020 season when they came in second. But they have since made up for it with their three-year winning streak. Their wins are so expected that punters almost always root for this team. And with the competitive odds on sites like Ultrasportsbet, punters have been walking away with significant payouts. Is the 2023-2024 season another chance to win big? Let’s find out:

2023-2024: Paving the Way Forward for Manchester City

The Premier League is one of the world's most anticipated and most competitive football leagues. Fans remain glued to the screen even when the transfer window opens, gauging how the changes will affect their team’s progress. It is especially so for the reigning champions. Manchester City finished first once again in the last season. But with a five-point difference with Arsenal, its winning margin was not very impressive. After all, it has had much more significant point differences. And if it wants to maintain this gap, changes are in the offing.
What can fans expect?

More Attacks

The previous EPL seasons have seen Manchester City attack other teams without holding back. In the 2022-2023 games, players like Erling Haaland stole the show with aggressive attacks. It was goal after goal, which allowed the team to maintain a significant point difference during the season. Fans expect the team to keep up with this playing strategy. Based on the current predictions, the management has its eyes on doubling down on this playing strategy.

Notable Replacements

City’s exceptional performance often attracts attention from other teams who wish to tap into their talent. And as one would expect, the team is set to lose some key players, with rumors circling about the impending departure of Ilkay Gundogan and Bernardo Silva. Luckily, the management has acted fast and is set to introduce the following players to make up for these losses:

  1. Joao Cancelo,
  2. Yangel Herrera,
  3. Issa Kabore,
  4. Nahuel Bastos,
  5. Yan Couto, and
  6. Mateo Kovacic

While the other players are on loan, City has contracted Mateo, a former Chelsea player, for €29.1m. Knowing Guardiola, he has a plan to ensure that these players not only fill the gaps left by the departures but also contribute to another fantastic season. Moreover, Manchester City's youth academy has continuously shaped new young players who can contribute to the team’s success.

Incredible Management

Players may have the best skills. But without sound management, they cannot realize their full potential. That’s why Guardiola is so instrumental to the team. He turns otherwise good players into experts by trusting them and honing their skills. His ability to motivate and challenge his players is behind the team’s success over the years. Players leave the team better than they arrived and quickly progress to higher football ranks. And punters can expect the odds to remain competitive with Guardiola coaching the 2023-2024 team, including the new transfers.

A Fantastic Line-Up

Football is all about teamwork. And in the past seasons, fans have seen Man City players work together for the common good. Will the 2023-2024 team be different? It’s unlikely. Fans can expect the usual lineup: Ederson, Akanji, Dias, Ake, Kovacic, Bernardo, Grealish, Haaland, Stones, Rodri, and De Bruyne. While this might change if the transfers continue, this is the preliminary lineup. The players lean on each other’s strengths and counter each other’s weaknesses, making it harder for the opponents to exploit any loopholes. It’s a solid team.

In the new season, Manchester City will likely not change much about its strategies, aside from doubling down on attacks and welcoming new players. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Even so, fans can expect more defense strategies as the team seeks to retain its title. More about the strategies will be evident once the season starts - we all know that Guardiola is not one to show his hand!
Should you wager on this team? As you gear up for yet another exciting sports betting season, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Research the teams by following their updates and matches,
  2. Have a budget on what you can spend on the bets, and
  3. Be objective when making decisions, and avoid relying on your gut.

Also, have fun - the new season is sure to have many turns and twists!