What Will Mateo Kovacic Bring to The Manchester City Team

By Guest writer, Thu 13 July 2023 09:43

What Will Mateo Kovacic Bring to The Manchester City Team 

Unlike in past years, this summer, Manchester City has been really quiet during the transfer window. People who love sports betting or online bingo could not have guessed this.

But, they managed to finish one major piece of business by signing Mateo Kovacic. The talented man who made his mark playing for Chelsea has definitely a lot to prove. The question most Man City fans have is - what will he bring to the table? This is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

He is a perfect replacement for Gundogan

Gundogan bid farewell to the club after a magnificent seven-year spell, in search of new adventures. He had achieved every possible trophy with the club and it was a logical move. Yet, it left a gaping void in the heart of the Man City midfield.

This hole will be complicated to fill, but Mateo is definitely the man for the job. He has the experience of playing in the Premier League, he has one Champions League and he plays well under pressure. When it comes to the level of experience he is ready for this role.

He is a smart and calm midfielder

Man City risked losing their midfield composure with Gundogan’s departure. But Pep had a plan and he lured Mateo with a different shade of blue. Pep admires Mateo’s intelligence and calmness on the ball. 

He never panics and he always looks up when he plays. A classic midfielder. He can glide with the ball from his own box to the other end and make it look effortless. He will surely elevate his teammates’ game.

He is a competitor

Man City fosters a culture of resilience. Pep wants those kinds of players in his team and Mateo fits the bill. He is a fighter who plays until the end and he gives his best.

Anyone who followed Premier League in the last three seasons saw his passion for the team. His commitment was never doubted when he played for Chelsea.