The Virtual Pitch: Inside Manchester City's Bold Move into the Metaverse with Sony

By Guest writer, Tue 11 July 2023 11:26

The Virtual Pitch: Inside Manchester City's Bold Move into the Metaverse with Sony 

With the rapid advancement of new technology, football clubs are looking for new innovations to add to their arsenal. From wearable tech and video assistant referees to a line marking robot, there is no shortage of gadgets clubs will use to streamline processes and optimise the fan experience.

Now, Manchester City is partnering with Sony to create a metaverse – a digital universe that combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The project aims at providing fans with an immersive experience of watching one of the world's greatest teams play. The goal of this partnership is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, allowing users to feel closer than ever before to their favourite club, while also giving them access to exclusive content from both sides.

Enter the Metaverse for an Immersive Experience

The metaverse will be built on Sony’s PlayStation platform, using its software development kit (SDK). Utilising advanced image capture technology, it will be possible for viewers to virtually join in live football matches hosted by Manchester City Football Club. Fans will be able to choose their own view of the pitch and stand side-by-side with their idols, experiencing an atmosphere comparable to those in attendance.

The metaverse will also be a space for exclusive events, such as virtual concerts hosted by City and Sony. Fans can interact with players virtually during these events, getting to know them better and learning more about the team. It will also feature special rewards for loyal fans, such as access to exclusive merchandise or content unavailable elsewhere.

Embracing New Monetisation Avenues

In addition to providing an immersive experience of watching football matches from anywhere in the world, the partnership between Manchester City and Sony could lead to new opportunities for monetisation. The two companies are exploring ways that this could work, including offering paid subscriptions or pay-per-view access to events. Executives from both organisations hope this could bring about a new era of sports entertainment, allowing for fans and sponsors to engage in innovative ways.

This partnership between Manchester City Football Club and Sony marks the start of an exciting journey into the world of metaverse technology, which is now one of the top tech trends of 2023. With its potential to bridge physical and digital worlds, it could create experiences that bring people closer together than ever before.

Revolutionising Sports Entertainment

By taking advantage of advances in image capture technology, Manchester City and Sony aim to provide fans with an unprecedented level of immersion when watching their favourite team play. Through virtual concerts, exclusive merchandise and more, they hope to create an unforgettable experience. This partnership between the two companies could be a significant step towards building the ultimate metaverse, and it will be exciting to see how this project develops in the months ahead and how it can potentially revolutionise sports entertainment.