Party Boy Grealish Is Just Living A City Dream

By Bluemoon Staff, Mon 26 June 2023 11:12

Party Boy Grealish Is Just Living A City Dream 

When Pep Guardiola seemed to pass over the potential signing of Lionel Messi, and instead asked the board and the owners to make a genuine attempt for Aston Villa talisman, Jack Grealish, plenty of eyebrows in the fanbase were left raised.

Whether Messi was even a credible target or not, is left to fans opinions based on the available rumour mill speculation at the time, but Grealish was a very gettable target, with plenty of room to improve and develop further, especially under someone like Guardiola but Grealish's signing could well have seen a spike in Man City tickets and hospitality packages sales given the talent he came in with.

His own career path at Villa had been evident for a while, and he quickly became one of the first names on the team sheet and was at the heart of their unexpected Championship Play Off promotion success back to the Premier League, and then keeping them there, as from an opposition fans eyes, nigh on everything on an attacking front went through him.

We paid a record £100 million for his services back in August 2021, and it is not unfair to say he had a mixed first season. Many fans believe that now he knows Pep's system far better, he is actually becoming a very important player for us - even though opposition fans would claim we have negated his own individual flair.

With well over 50 starting appearances to his City name now, the 27 year old growing England international star is soon to come into the peak years of his career, but there is one non footballing side of the Silhillian (as I believe they call them) that refuses to go away.

He is known as a 'party boy' and after this seasons Treble, he is back in the news for that, but these reports could still see further football tickets sold as newer fans wonder what he is truly about.

Addressing the claims himself, he recently told the BBC that the media constantly misjudge his true image.

"We all enjoyed ourselves, other people enjoy themselves when the cameras weren't on, but that was just me enjoying myself, I'd had the most successful season of my life. I've just laid out a 12 month season, I've been in a World Cup, I've won three trophies and then I'm going to be back training in a few weeks, why not enjoy myself?"

Jack is then honest enough to admit there's no point lying.

"I would never sit here and lie and say 'yeah, I don't drink and I don't party', because I do but then there's so many people that will say 'I don't do this, I don't do that' when they do. I'm just enjoying myself. I'm living my dream of playing for the best club in the world in my opinion."

Adding about the Champions League success.

"Last weekend was definitely, the best weekend of my life. Winning the Champions League is something that I moved to Manchester City to do. We’ve never won the Champions League, we were second in the Premier League and the FA Cup is always difficult to win and then we come out and win all three. Being at the game with my family, I was so emotional after it. Even the days that followed, spending time with family and friends, that group of players, the staff, it was the best weekend of my life. I was crying on the pitch."

Having been with your boyhood team as they were relegated and faced a winding up order, to leading them back to the top flight and then making a move that sees you win a Treble - anyone out there who would not party.

I would.