Man City Tickets - Understanding Ticket Categories at Etihad Stadium

By Guest writer, Thu 11 May 2023 15:27

Man City Tickets - Understanding Ticket Categories at Etihad Stadium Discover ticket categories at Man City's Etihad Stadium - from General Admission to Premium Seating and Hospitality, find your ideal match-day experience

Manchester City, one of the most famous football clubs globally, has a rich history and a growing fan base. This great professional football club is based in Manchester England and, as most of you will know, its home ground is the Etihad Stadium.

The Etihad Stadium is a place that has become a symbol of the team's success and dynamism. For anyone planning to visit and witness the spectacle that is a Man City match, understanding the ticket categories available to you is crucial. This guide will provide you with an overview of the different ticket types and categories to help you choose the best experience.

History & Overview of Etihad Stadium

Before diving into the ticket categories, let's take a brief look at the Etihad Stadium itself.

Also known as the City of Manchester Stadium, the Etihad Stadium was initially built to host the 2002 Commonwealth Games. After the games, the stadium was converted into a football ground and has been the home of Manchester City since 2003.

The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 55,000, making it the fifth-largest stadium in the English Football League.

Ticket Categories at The Etihad Stadium

At the Etihad Stadium, the ticket categories are broken down mainly by location and the type of experience they offer. Here's a breakdown of the typical categories:

1. General Admission Tickets

General admission tickets are the most common type of tickets and are available to all fans. They grant access to the majority of the stadium's seating, excluding areas reserved for premium experiences or club members. These tickets are typically the most affordable and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. It is worth noting that you can purchase general admission Manchester City tickets from the official Man City website and trusted ticket reseller platforms.

2. Premium Seating

Premium seating offers an enhanced viewing experience, but comes at an increased cost. This category usually includes access to seats in favourable locations, such as along the halfway line or towards the front of the stands, and provides an unobstructed view of the pitch. You may also get some added perks with such tickets like access to exclusive lounges, and complimentary food and/or drinks. Be prepared to spend a lot if you want premium seats for any reasonably popular game.

3. Hospitality Packages

Hospitality packages provide an all-inclusive matchday experience. They include premium seating, access to private lounges or suites, gourmet dining options, complimentary beverages, and even opportunities to meet past and present Man City players! You will find various hospitality packages available, and each provides a different level of luxury and exclusivity.

4. Season Tickets

We couldn’t not mention season tickets! Season tickets give fans access to all home league matches throughout the season. They are typically available in all seating categories, from general admission to premium seating. Season ticket holders often enjoy additional benefits such as priority booking for cup and away games, discounts in the club shop, and more. Keep in mind though that most clubs, including Manchester City, will have very long waiting lists for their limited numbers of season tickets.

5. Away Tickets

Away tickets are intended for Man City fans planning to attend matches at opposing teams' stadiums. These tickets are generally sold through the club and are allocated in a section designated for away supporters, so you may find less of them available for most matches.

6. Group Tickets

As the name suggests, group tickets are designed for larger parties attending a match together. These can be a cost-effective solution for schools, clubs, or corporate outings. They also often come with benefits such as a welcome message on the stadium's big screen.

7. Disability Access Tickets

Fortunately, the Etihad Stadium is fully accessible and offers tickets for fans with disabilities. These include wheelchair user spaces, easy access seats, and complimentary tickets for personal assistants (if required).

How to Buy Man City Tickets

Man City tickets can be purchased through several channels:

  • Official Club Website: The most reliable way to purchase tickets is through the official Manchester City website. Here you can find all the match schedules, ticket availability, and pricing details.
  • Ticket Office: The stadium's ticket office, located at the City Store at the Etihad Stadium, is another reliable place to purchase tickets directly.
  • Telephone: Manchester City also offers a telephone booking service for fans who prefer to secure their tickets this way.
  • Third-Party Vendors: There are several accredited and unaccredited third-party vendors from whom you can purchase tickets. However, it's essential to ensure they're trustworthy to avoid scams or counterfeit tickets. Ticketgum is a good option.
  • Pricing

    Ticket prices at the Etihad Stadium vary greatly depending on the type of ticket, the opponent, and the competition. General admission tickets are the most affordable, with prices usually starting from around £30 for adults (depending on the game). Premium seating and hospitality packages are more expensive, sometimes running into hundreds or thousands of pounds for a single match!

    Concessions are often available for juniors (under 18s), young adults (18-21), and seniors (over 65s). It is always worth checking the official club website for the most up-to-date pricing details and offers.


    Whether you're a lifelong Man City fan, a general football enthusiast, or a tourist wanting to experience the thrill of an English football match, there's a ticket category at Etihad Stadium to suit your preferences and budget. We hope that you manage to find the right ones for you!