Winning on and off the Field: Manchester City's Casino Collaboration

By Bluemoon Staff, Thu 20 April 2023 15:17

Winning  on and off the Field: Manchester City's Casino Collaboration 

Manchester City Football Club is one of the top soccer teams in the English Premier League. With an impressive record of victories and first-class players, the team has turned into an unstoppable power in the world of football. In addition to their in-game success, Manchester City has also generated a great deal of attention with their collaboration with casinos. This partnership has given fans and players a special and exciting experience that goes beyond the pitch.

History of the Partnership

In 2019, Manchester City initiated a deal with online casino firm Marathonbet, which marked the beginning of their partnership. As part of the agreement, Marathonbet became Manchester City's official global betting partner. Through this partnership, fans are now able to place bets on Manchester City games through Marathonbet's website and app, offering an extra layer of excitement to the game-day experience.
Apart from the Marathonbet partnership, Manchester City also has an agreement with the Resorts World Casino in New York City. This collaboration involves using Manchester City's logo and branding throughout the casino, as well as providing exclusive events and specials for fans.

Benefits for Manchester City

The partnership with casinos has been advantageous for Manchester City in numerous ways. By collaborating with both online and offline gambling establishments, the team has received an opportunity to reach a larger audience, including those who may not have previously been interested in soccer. This has enabled their fanbase to expand and gain worldwide recognition.
The partnership has also been financially beneficial for Manchester City. Deals with casinos typically involve significant monetary rewards, which can be used to fund the team's investments in their players, facilities, and other aspects of their operations.

Benefits for Fans

Fans of Manchester City have seen several advantages as a result of the partnership with casinos. Through Marathonbet, they can place bets on games, generating more excitement and engagement during matches. The relationship with Resorts World Casino has also provided fans with exclusive opportunities and promotions, such as events to engage with the team in an unforgettable way.

Potential Risks

While Manchester City's partnership with casinos has brought about numerous advantages, potential risks should not be ignored. For instance, there are worries around problem gambling and underage fans being able to place bets on games due to their relationship with Marathonbet. Additionally, the branding of Manchester City in casinos could be perceived as endorsing gambling to those at risk.
With the intention of reducing potential risks, Manchester City has taken steps such as age verification and advocating for responsible gambling. The team stands firm on its promise to encourage safe and sensible gambling habits.

Impact on the Soccer Industry

Manchester City's connection with casinos has had a major effect on the world of soccer. This alliance has set an example, providing other soccer teams with the idea to explore similar partnerships, which can bring in new revenue sources and marketing possibilities. It looks like this type of collaboration is becoming increasingly popular as many other Premier League clubs have struck deals with online betting firms.

The collaboration has also made it apparent that problem gambling in sports is a real concern. Utilizing betting apps and offering promotions during live events have raised worries about the possibility of dependency and economic harm. Thus, many sporting organizations have taken steps to push for sensible gambling, including supplying resources for individuals fighting with addiction and limiting the visibility of gambling ads during games.
Manchester City and casinos' partnership has highlighted the potential for sports teams to employ their brand and fan base to endorse other forms of entertainment. Through teaming up with casinos, Manchester City gave fans an extraordinary and thrilling experience that surpasses soccer. This model can be employed in other industries such as music or fashion, providing sports teams a chance to widen their reach and offering supporters more varied and engaging experiences.


Manchester City's collaboration with casinos has brought a slew of advantages to the team and their supporters, while concurrently invoking significant inquiries in regards to betting in sports and entertainment. Despite possible risks associated with the partnership, Manchester City has taken measures to encourage responsible gambling and guarantee that fans aren't put in danger. In conclusion, the alliance between Manchester City and casinos symbolizes a unique and stimulating development in the realm of sports and amusement, illustrating the capability for sports teams to capitalize on their brand name and fan base in imaginative ways.