Guardiola hails Haaland after stunning Champions League performance

By Ric Turner, Wed 15 March 2023 10:42

Guardiola hails Haaland after stunning Champions League performanceNorwegian striker nets five time in 35 minutes against RB Leipzig

Pep Guardiola lauded Erling Haaland as "a gift to all of us", after the striker scored five times in City's 7-0 demolition of RB Leipzig.

The 22-year-old Nowegian international has now scored a club record 39 goals following his £54m transfer from Borussia Dortmund in the summer.

“Five goals, what can I say?” Guardiola told

“I said many times, he’s a joyful guy. His mood in the locker room is always happiness.

“He is a gift to all of us. He is a huge competitor, his mentality is there. He scored five goals which is not easy.”

“Today he scored five goals and I think he made 30-35 ball contacts and this is what we are looking for,” the boss added.

“I had the feeling when you are involved in the game offensively, defensively, when the ball comes to score a goal, you are more clever, more precise, you are in the game.

“Sometimes it's his fault, sometimes he doesn’t move. I said in Palace, you didn’t play well today. But other days, it's our fault.

“In Leipzig, we could not find him. We did not find him in the second half. Sooner or later we are talking about, we are working a little bit and everyone because we try to make the process sometimes quicker.

“I would say we have to be slower. But once we break the holding midfielder, we have to be quicker. Sometimes the people think that defensive line-up, we are going to play slowly, we are going to play comfortable but our mentality has always been so, so aggressive from the day one and sometimes we cannot do it because the opponents are there.”