Have Manchester City set the Blueprint for Other Clubs to Follow When it Comes to Franchising?

By Bluemoon Staff, Tue 07 February 2023 14:26

Have Manchester City set the Blueprint for Other Clubs to Follow When it Comes to Franchising? 

Manchester City is so much more than just a team now, it is a global franchise. The model was created by the City Football Group, and this has been a major factor in the club's ascent to the status of one of the top football organisations in the world. Manchester City can collaborate closely with its sister teams to develop players and share resources thanks to CFG, meaning that it will be sustainable for many years to come.

The marketing opportunities of opting for a franchise model are endless as well, and other teams can learn a lot from this. If other clubs in England want to challenge the Etihad Stadium-based team every season, they arguably need to adopt a similar approach.

How Have City Become the Most Sustainable Team in the World?

Manchester City now has connected clubs around the world, with New York City and Melbourne City being two of the most notable. One of the key benefits of the franchise model is that it provides a pathway for players to progress from the youth ranks of sister clubs to the first team at Manchester City.

This gives Manchester City the potential to identify and nurture talent from around the globe and to sign talented players who might not have otherwise been given the chance to play for the club.

Along with aiding in player development, the franchise model has helped Manchester City grow its brand and broaden its commercial reach globally. For instance, the club has hosted preseason tours in other nations using its connections to sister clubs, which not only assists preseason preparation but also raises its profile internationally.

Key Marketing Techniques

The franchise model has allowed Manchester City to create additional revenue through agreements and sponsorships with other clubs and companies in the CFG network. As a result, the club has been able to support its long-term goals and strengthen its financial stability. However, there are still some untapped areas of franchising that CFG should look into to boost its fortunes further.

The entertainment industry provides numerous opportunities for franchises to expand. Manchester City already have the Amazon All or Nothing series, but another idea could be to release a film or fictional show about the club. In gaming, they are represented well on FIFA, but they could also branch out into officially licenced mobile and casino games. There are already live dealer games related to football at LeoVegas, including Football Studio Roulette and Football Studio. If you go to site >> from this link you can see that there are various bonuses on offer too, such as the 100 percent deposit match and the free play chips for Evolution games. An official Manchester City game wouldn’t look out of place here.

Arsenal may be challenging City for the title this season, with Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United all likely to be knocking on the door in the years ahead too. But for any of these teams to consistently take on the reigning champions, they need to put similar franchise structures in place as well.

Newcastle United may end up being the next team to follow a similar strategy to Manchester City, as their new ownership will put a heavy focus on boosting the brand as much as possible around the world.