The most iconic 2022 Man City moments

By Thomas Davies, Mon 12 December 2022 15:41

The most iconic 2022 Man City moments 

2021 was a big year for Man City. With Sergio Aguero leaving and Pep famously giving his “we cannot replace him” speech, it was easy to forget about the league title win at times. However, it was a year that created a solid platform for something special this season. This led into the 2021-22 season, which instantly brought up some iconic moments to enjoy.

Pep makes history

There have been a few managers in Premier League history who have managed to win two league titles in a row, with Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho being two notable mentions alongside Pep. However, only Ferguson had managed to do it more than once. That is until the end of the 21/22 season. Pep managed to write his name in the history books by becoming only the second manager to do it more than once in the Premier League. It was something that was expected, as sites such as The Punters Page (TPP) had predicted it would happen before long. However, what made it special was that Pep was the first manager who was not from the British isles to achieve it.

The win was special for this reason, but it was also the first title without Aguero. This is definitely an iconic moment as he had been the catalyst for the recent period of success with his title-winning goal against QPR. That second double for Pep could be the start of a new era at City.

Pep signs a new deal

No one is denying that the money that’s been pumped into City is a big part of the success. Ever since the club was taken over, there’s been a new level of quality coming into the club. However, it would also be wrong to deny the impact that Pep Guardiola has had since he came in. It’s not just about the level of success on the pitch, it’s the way that success has been achieved. We’ve gone from being a team that had a collection of quality players to a team that plays to the strengths of the squad. This is all part of what Pep has brought to the team. He’s a generational coach that has taken us to a completely new level.

This is why it’s such an iconic moment that Pep has signed a new deal that keeps him at the club until 2025. His ability as a coach means that he is able to improve players beyond their natural ability. With a squad refresh taking place at the moment, there are younger players coming through that he will be able to shape to take Man City to the next level.

The next level is obviously to become a European powerhouse. The Champion’s League has eluded City up to this point, but with Pep on board for an extra few years, it has become one step closer. He definitely has the ability, and money to spend, that could help to take us to the one trophy that is missing from the cabinet.

The signing of Erling Haaland

This signing was one of the most iconic moments for City in 2022, as the most sought-after striker in the world joined the arguably best team in the world. Although we had won the league the previous season without a striker, bringing in Haaland was something that many people thought would take some time to work. He’s a different kind of player to what Pep is used to as he is an out-and-out striker who comes alive in the box. Everyone who doubted his ability was completely wrong.

Haaland has been a scoring phenomenon since he arrived, with him setting a pace that looks like it’s going to end with him breaking records. It’s the first time that Pep has played regularly with a striker of this calibre and it looks to be working well so far. It’s not just Haaland’s record in the league that’s impressive though, as he has looked excellent in the Champion’s League as well. He could be the player to fire the club to European glory.

It’s not just what he brings on the pitch though. With Haaland having links to Bellingham, it could give City an advantage when it comes to signing the next possible superstar. If Haaland is able to help persuade Bellingham to sign, then these two could be the young core that helps take City to the very next level for a long time. With Pep signing a new deal, he could be the manager to turn these two players into the superstars of the post-Messi and Ronaldo generation.