City making the Premier League a Farmers' League?

By Guest writer, Mon 24 October 2022 10:46

City making the Premier League a Farmers' League?  

A petition to stop Erling Haaland from playing, a super sub rule for countries at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to get Haaland, and an arrogant claim that Manchester City has turned the Premier League into a farmers' league took the headlines last week.

One thing is sure - Manchester City is in a league of its own.

Erling Haaland is an absolute beast.

Last week Erling Haaland became the fastest to claim three Premier League hat-tricks in just eight games. The earlier owner of this record, Michael Owen, took 48 games. After the match against Southampton, which City won 4-0, Haaland now has 15 goals in 9 games.

He is just eight goals behind last season's Golden Boot award winners. Mo Salah and Son Heung-Min scored 23 goals a piece to claim the Premier League Golden Boot last season, playing 38 games.

In 9 games, Haaland has 15.

While most critics were sceptical of Erling Haaland before his arrival, the Norweigian has silenced all of them with his performances on the field. Manchester City tickets have become impossible to find - all due to this lad.

We discuss how Erling Haaland has had incredible success at City in just a few games.

The Race for Haaland

Several clubs lined up to sign Erling Haaland after he had mentioned that the 2021-22 season was his last. According to sources, there were offers from Real Madrid, PSG and several other leading clubs. But the Norweigian settled for Manchester City.

It might be due to his father, Alfie Haaland, who used to play for City when they were a very much different club than they are today under Pep Guardiola. Even his announcement made sense regarding where his passion was when he joined. Haaland added that he was born in England and had been a City fan throughout his life, and it made sense that he joined City.

"I was born in England; I have been a City fan my whole life," he said when he joined.

Haaland's Success

Quizzed about what makes Haaland one of the best he does, the answer that the Norwegian gave got all the Manchester City ticket holders laughing. According to a report from the Insider, the striker, speaking to local broadcasters, revealed that his goal-scoring success is due to his father's lasagna.

He jokingly added that his father made lasagna for him before playing the three home games of City, and he said he added something special.

His hat-trick with United made him the first player in English Premier League history to score hat-tricks in three back-to-back games.

Looking at how City has played in recent times, the success of his goal-scoring spree has a lot to do with the City midfield. With Kevin De Bruyne in the midfield, Haaland is confirmed of good through ball for him to do his thing.

Haaland's finishing and goal-scoring tactics are vividly supported by his team, as shown in the past weeks. Ilkay Gündogan, Phil Foden, and De Bruyne support this case.

Guardiola plays down Haaland rumours.

If you have Manchester City tickets, it is a great time to be alive with the levels the team is showcasing. But, while this was happening, several transfer rumours were emerging about his future.

Following the win, Guardiola was quizzed on the Spanish reports claiming Haaland's contract with the club had a release clause that would eventually make him join LaLiga club Real Madrid in 2024.

Guardiola was quick to deny any claims and has reassured that Haaland is here for the foreseeable future.

According to BBC, Guardiola, while addressing the media, said there is no release clause for Real Madrid or any other team. He praised the former Dortmund striker for how well he adapted to City's playing style and said he is delighted to have him at the club.

The Haaland Petition

Desperate fans are creating petitions to try to stop City's ace - Erling Haaland. Supporters around the country have been stunned by the youngster's form and want to stop him at all costs. They understand he is trouble, and with 15 league goals, he is here to bulldoze the rest of the Premier League.

An account under the name of Ten Hag's Reds has brought similarities of Haaland to a robot and that it is not fair to have him play. The petition read that it was unfair for a robot to be carried on in the country.

Another appeal on has gone further in stating that Haaland's goal-scoring spree threatens national security.

Guardiola took it the right way and laughed at it during the presser, and the petitions show how influential this youngster has been in less than six months.

Joan Cancelo Delivers

A player for all occasions, Joan Cancelo, was on firefly form against Southampton as City secured a 4-0 win. Cancelo expressed his satisfaction and determination to help City's case and admitted that he would even play as a goalkeeper if Guardiola asked him to do so.

The versatile player, who has spent most of his career as a right-back, is seeing newfound success at left-back. His goal in the 4-0 win and the assist justified this.

He opened the scoring at the Etihad after the 20th minute, thanks to an impressive run and shot into the far corner and was soon followed by a Phil Foden goal.

Cancelo once again came in aid for Riyad Mahrez for the team's third and later sent out a fantastic cross to Erling Haaland to make it 4-0. The statement where Cancelo stated about playing as goalkeeper shows how passionate he is about the team he plays.

Manchester City Tickets - where to find them?

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