Top 10 highest-paid Manchester City Players of all time

By Guest writer, Tue 18 October 2022 12:52

Top 10 highest-paid Manchester City  Players of all time 

City have been the team to beat in the Premier League over the past decade or so. Indeed, with another record-breaking season in store, most of the top bookies are already offering bonuses and early pay-outs on the Premier League. You can find out more from top bookmaker lowdowns, such as a betway review, for example.

But City’s success has come at a time with players’ salaries are at an all-time high. We decided to take a look at the 10 highest-paid players to pull on the famous shirt, and it’s no surprise that they are all current or recently-departed players. And it’s hard to argue against any of these City legends bringing great value for money, especially when we compare them to the salaries of our rivals!!!

But this list makes for some interesting reading, especially considering who is missing. No David Silva? No Vincent Kompany? No Riyad Mahrez? No Bernardo Silva? No Robinho? Who does make the cut, then? Let’s find out!

10. Nicolás Otamendi - £180 a week - £9.5 million a year

A real shock at number 10, especially when you consider the players that are missing from this list. Otamendi is perhaps not the most memorable star of recent City sides, but the Argentine certainly did a job for us. Two titles attests to that!

9. Manual Akanji - £181k a week / £9.5 million a year

Another surprise on this list, but Akanji has only just started his City journey. A big-money arrival from Dortmund, and a big contract, means Akanji has much to live up to. But this cultured defender will certainly add something to the current City squad, and with a five-year deal, he’s got time to impress.

8. Yaya Touré  - £200k a week / £11.1 million a year

A City legend. Touré had some incredible games for the club, and was instrumental in securing our first three Premier League crowns in 2012, 2014 and 2018. A real driving force from midfield, and already an established superstar when he arrived from Barcelona. It’s no surprise to find the Ivorian on this list.

7. Rodri - £220k a week / £11.4 million a year

A surprise to see the Spaniard on this list, but there’s no doubt that this player has successfully filled the massive hole in the centre of field left by Fernandinho, another club legend. There’s more to come from Rodri for sure, but he has already proved to be another astute Pep acquisition.

6. Sergio Agüero - £230,135 / £11.9 million a year

The best player to ever play for City? Perhaps. The greatest goalscorer to ever play for City? Undoubtedly. The little Argentine was a genius, and the title-winning goal he scored against QPR justifies those financial rewards on its own. We miss you ‘Kun’!

5. John Stones - £250k a week - £13m a year

A player who divides opinion, even amongst City fans. Does he deserve to be number five on this list? Probably not, but you can’t fault the fact that Stones has been a regular part of no less than four title-winning teams. And at the age of 28, there could be a few more yet for the Barnsley-born defender.

4. Raheem Sterling - £300k a week - £13m a year

A player who is often much maligned by England supporters and opposition fans, but was always much appreciated at City. And his stats speak for themselves -  more than a hundred goals and four Premier League titles. Add in five League Cups and an FA Cup, and you can’t argue with the fact that Sterling is a bona fide City legend.

3. Jack Grealish - £300k a week - £15.6 million a year

Perhaps a slight surprise when you think of some of the players on this list, but it’s fair to say we haven’t seen the best of Grealish yet in a City shirt. He arrived with a big reputation for a huge amount of money – the club’s record signing no less. And he is a helluva player. Expect him to start justifying those astronomical wages sometime soon.

2. Erling Haaland - £375k per week - £19.5 million a year

It’s no surprise to see this goalscoring machine so high up this list, despite only joining recently. And if he continues with this kind of goalscoring form, he could be in for a considerable pay-rise, which is mad when you think of the money he’s already on. But with reports of others sniffing, City will want to tie him down to an even more lucrative, longer-term contract. And you certainly won’t find him on any list of the season’s most underrated players.

1. Kevin De Bruyne - £400k per week / £20.8 million a year

Who were you expecting to find at the top of this list? Kun? Haaland? Well, I don’t think anyone can argue with De Bruyne, who is arguably City’s greatest-ever player. It’s a lot of money, but like L’Oreal, he’s worth it!