5 Football Clubs with Online Casino Sponsors

By Guest writer, Wed 17 August 2022 18:21

5 Football Clubs with Online Casino SponsorsHere are some of the biggest football clubs with online casino sponsors

Since the 2020 pandemic, there has been a massive surge in the use of online casinos. Millions of players now prefer to play their favorite games at home instead of visiting the traditional land-based casinos. And while the pandemic might have helped popularize this cause, millions still do not know about amazing online casino games like table and progressive slot games. Hence the need for marketing and promotion. 

One of the ways casinos expose their brand is through football sponsorships. Football is by far the most popular sport in the world, with some estimations claiming that over 50% of the world's population are fans of the sport. Plus, most football fans are already into some form of gambling, so it's a perfect marketing strategy.

Football and non-football fans can capitalize on this opportunity to have fun and make money from online gaming. However, that is only possible if they do things right. That's why gambling professionals like Ella Houghton are ready to offer accurate guidance and helpful tips to gamblers worldwide. You can visit her profile here.

The partnership between online casinos and football clubs has recently become a norm. Most top-flight clubs now have at least one online casino sponsor, and in this article, we'll be looking at some of those clubs.

Top Flight Football Clubs with Online Casino Sponsors

For over five decades, football has remained the world's most watched sport. On average, the UEFA Champions League final between the best European clubs attracts 350 million and 400 million viewers yearly. This is a perfect opportunity for any online casino wanting to expose its name to a wide audience, and that's why we now have many football clubs with an online casino sponsor. Here are five of the biggest clubs with online casino sponsors.

Bayern Munich

At the time of writing, Bayern Munich is currently the best football club in the world based on the UEFA club rankings. The German giants have found immense success in their history and are one of only five clubs to have won all three main UEFA competitions. They are also the second club to have won a sextuple (a record of six major trophies in a single season). With 30 German Bundesliga titles and 20 Domestic Cup wins, there's no doubt that The Reds are one of football's biggest clubs. 

Due to their popularity in Europe and worldwide, they have partnered with several online casinos in the past. Gambling giants Bwin sponsored the club until 2015, when the partnership was annulled. That same year, Bayern Munich announced a partnership with German-owned online casino, Tipico. In 2021, the 6-year sponsorship deal was renewed for an additional four years allowing the partnership to stand till 2025.


Since 2000, London-based Chelsea has been the most successful English club in the world. The 6-times league winners have won over 25 trophies in two decades, including eight UEFA trophies and 23 domestic titles. 

Chelsea also ranks high on the world's most popular club rankings and is one of the few European teams to have a massive following in Asia and Africa. They also have a huge following on social media, and millions tune in to watch their games every year. In August 2021, the current Super Cup holders announced a three-year sponsorship deal with the Ukrainian online casino, Parimatch. 

Parimatch CEO Maksym Liashko had said in the past that the company was looking to break into the lucrative European market, and what better way to say that than getting a football sponsor? The deal with Chelsea is expected to last for three years and will see both brands strive to improve each other. Parimatch is also the official gambling sponsor of English club, Leicester City.

Manchester United

Currently, Manchester United is the most successful English club and one of the most successful in the world too. In terms of popularity and revenue, they rank high too and have an incredibly huge fan base. 

Due to the magnitude of their brand, they have over a dozen sponsorships and are currently on a three-year sponsorship deal with UK-owned BetFred.

BetFred has been in the gambling industry since 1967 and was one of the first UK gambling companies to adopt a digital online presence. The first deal between the two brands was signed in 2006 and is one of the longest gaming partnerships in football's history.

AC Milan

European giants AC Milan have a rich history that spans over a century. The club has birthed some of the world's greatest footballers like Paulo Maldini, Andriy Shevchenko, and the Brazilian Balloon D'or winner, Kaká.

On 26 July 2021, the Italian giants announced on their website that they had accepted a sponsorship deal with PremierVegas, an online casino looking to dominate the African market. Neither party is yet to confirm the length of the deal, but PremierVegas CEO Pierre Yves Deleplac has stated that he wishes to keep AC Milan as the brand's football sponsor for as long as possible.

The Bottom Line

The partnership between football clubs and online casinos is growing strong. And with most top-flight clubs already in partnership with at least one online casino, the bond is expected to grow stronger. 

Online casinos need exposure from the clubs, while the clubs need funding to operate successfully. Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich are some of football's greatest clubs with online casino sponsors.