5 Reasons Manchester City Is Currently the Best Team in England

By Guest writer, Sat 06 August 2022 12:06

5 Reasons Manchester City Is Currently the Best Team in EnglandManchester City has delivered some amazing performances in the EPL in recent years. Here are the reasons they remain the best team in England.

When pundits and analysts worldwide talk about league football, England is the first country that comes to mind due to the competitive nature of the English Premier League. The league is home to some of the biggest players and clubs in the game of soccer. 

In recent years, Manchester City, the current league champions, has threatened the competitive nature of the league with their unstoppable league-winning runs. These runs have made the club the favorite for punters on the best online betting sites Ireland.

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Back to Manchester City, here are some of the reasons why they are currently the best team in English football:

1. They Have a Great Coach - Pep Guardiola

From Barcelona to Bayern Munich and now Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has proven to be the best football manager in the world. He has won dozens of trophies throughout his managerial career and has not gone a season without a trophy in the last decade.

Pep is not just a simple man who has always found luck. He is a complex man who always demands perfection from his players. Since joining Manchester City, the club has witnessed a great deal of success, winning over 10 trophies in just 8 years. Many have argued that winning isn't what makes Pep the best. His ability to bring out the best in his players is a factor analysts use in rating him above his contemporaries in the league.

Most of his critics always condemn him for having an expensive squad, but success comes with a price, and Pep is known for buying at the right price from the right place. Today, Manchester City is a world-class football team, and it's all due to the brilliance of this one man. 

2. They Have a Rich and Supportive Owner - Sheikh Mansour

When it comes to investing and club development, no football club in England comes close to Manchester City. Over the last 10 years, the club's owners have invested over $1 billion in building the team.

Sheikh Mansour, with a net worth of over $17 billion and a family wealth of over $1 trillion, has proven that it is not just enough to be a rich club owner like the Glazers of Manchester United, but knowing how and when to invest and support the team is what matters. He has done this perfectly and turned around the fortunes of the Manchester side.

3. They Are the Current Champions of England

After defeating Aston Villa 3-2 on the final match day, Manchester City was declared the winners of the English Premier League 2020/21 season for the second time in a row. It was a long, hard-fought battle that finally came to a victorious end for the Blues.

With Liverpool just a win away from clinching the title and Man City just a draw away from losing it, Pep Guardiola's side was able to rise from the ashes to secure their claim as the best team in the league at the eleventh hour.

Winning the EPL is no easy task, especially now when every club wants to spend big on the best players and are under immense pressure from fans and supporters to win. With just 3 losses in 38 games in a league that is said to be the most competitive in the world, Manchester City is undoubtedly the best team in English football. 

4. They Have a Strong Team

With the addition of Erling Haaland, Stefan Ortega, and Julian Alvarez into the already strongly built team, there is no slowing down for the English Champions.

With players like Kevin De Bruyne in the midfield, backed by Ruben Dias, João Cancelo, and Kyle Walker in defense and also supported by Bernardo Silva and Foden up front, there is no team, including Liverpool, capable of matching the number of talents Manchester City possesses in England.

This squad, which is arguably the strongest and most feared in England and the world of football, has no known weakness. They have built a reputation in the league as the team with the best possessive and counter-attacking style of play, making them the hardest team to defeat or even score against.

5. They Have the Cityzens

There is no football without fans, and one football club that has them in numbers is Manchester City. The Etihad club fans, popularly known as the Citizens, are one of the most loyal and faithful fanbases in England. 

Their constant support for their team in its worst and most beautiful moments has led to the club's success in recent years. One of those special moments where the Cityzens showed their massive support for their team was during the club's final home league game against Aston Villa, which saw their team trailing by 2 goals in the first half.

The constant shouting and singing of praises by the fans led to the team rediscovering its mojo and winning the game by 3 goals at full-time, securing them the league title. The fans showed a great example by sticking with their players when some others would have rebelled at such a crucial moment.


As teams prepare for the new season, all eyes will be on the league champions, Manchester City, to see if they can successfully win the league title for the third consecutive time.

If they were to sensationally pull it off, both manager and players would cement their names as one of the greatest in English football.