It’s official – Manchester City are the best in the world!

By Guest writer, Fri 22 July 2022 14:26

It’s official – Manchester City are the best in the world! 

Loyal fans of Manchester City will need no convincing, as in their eyes, there is no better football club in the entire world. No matter what the TV and radio pundits might say, regardless of rival supporter opinions, there’s only one truth that counts whenever we are cheering on our favourite team.

But it always helps when there are reputable studies, undertaken with scientific precision and mathematical emphasis, which can back up our own beliefs. This has been the mission of FiveThirtyEight for several years now, which is part of the ABC News network, creating predictive models for the ‘beautiful game’ since 2017. They have focused on producing a regularly updated rankings system, comparing more than 600 clubs around the globe.

At the core of the FiveThirtyEight rankings model is an enhanced version of the ESPN Soccer Power Index (SPI), based on club football data going all the way back to 1888, accompanied by refined performance data via Opta since 2010. Further data is used from Transfermarkt, which assigns monetary value to players in each team, alongside a variety of complex match forecasting and predictive models.

Model Citizens

While certain sections of the media are keen to gripe about Manchester City, rather than offer any praise for what the club has managed to achieve over the last decade or so, nobody can take away the magnificent achievements during that period of time. The numerous trophies won can pretty much speak for themselves, which is the fruit of excellent management at the club from top to bottom, irrespective of also being financially powerful.

All of this counts towards the latest FiveThirtyEight rankings, where Manchester City sit proudly at the top of the list, regardless of their Champions League history in recent years, including the semi-final defeat against eventual winners Real Madrid last season. Interestingly, the side managed by Pep Guardiola continues to rank higher than Real Madrid, regardless of Carlo Ancelotti leading them to continental success.

Just as pleasing from the perspective of our local rivalries, Man City are comfortably ahead of Liverpool in these rankings, largely thanks to having won four Premier League titles in the last five seasons. Those triumphs were also accompanied by impressive success in the domestic cup competitions, including one FA Cup win and four consecutive EFL Cup triumphs. Indeed, only the Merseyside club comes anywhere close in English football, during this period.

As for the ‘other’ team within our neck of the woods, well, Manchester United aren’t even in the top 20 of the latest FiveThirtyEight rankings, even if they have climbed some 10 places since the last rankings were published. This is apparently based upon Soccer Power Index (SPI) weighting and predictions, formulated around the higher expectations following the arrival of Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford. Only time will tell if he can improve their fortunes.

Backing the Data

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Looking ahead to the 2022-23 campaign, having already strengthened the squad with Erling Haaland and Kalvin Phillips, there is no doubting that Manchester City will be tough to beat in English football. Likewise, their own particular ‘Holy Grail’ remains conquering the Champions League, which is bound to be the priority objective for Pep Guardiola and the team this season. If they can achieve that, nobody will have cause to doubt their status in world football.