What to watch for in Manchester City’s upcoming season

By Guest writer, Fri 15 July 2022 11:40

What to watch for in Manchester City’s upcoming season 

Manchester City is more and more starting to establish themselves as the true powerhouse of the Premier League. However, the position at the top is one that needs to be guarded. Liverpool is making moves and continue to impress massively both in the Premier League and in international play.

Interesting for fans and bettors

There are several things of interest to watch with Manchester United in terms of both the Premiership as well as international play to watch in the coming season. Since the world cup this year is being played in November, the season is due to start earlier than usual. This in turn is good news for football fans, as it means less of a wait until the best league in the world is back in action.

In this article we are going to list some of the most interesting things to look forward to regardless of whether you are a die-hard supporter of City, or just looking to get an edge for future bets. For the upcoming season casino comparison sites such as Spinsify.com/uk can help to ensure that you get the best possible deal with your bookmaker, or offer free time activities in between the games.

Can City get their marbles together in the Champions League?

Even though it's no small task of playing in the Champions League and losing to the eventual winners in the Semi-final, the time has come for Manchester City to truly make their mark on the champions league. Since the club was bought out in the early 2010’s several titles have been won, yet the most prestigious prize in international football eludes them.

The club has never won the Champions League but are still in a prime position to do so. Eras of dominance in football never last a lifetime, and one can guess that Guardiola really wants to win the CL with the club he has spent the most time in during his career. 

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland has become the darling of top-flight football. After making a dazzling debut with Dortmund he has continued to score goals at a mental pace. The Norwegian youngster was the talk of much of the rumour mill before he signed with Manchester City. If he can stay free of injuries and adjust well to the Premier League, he is bound to keep scoring goals in City.


Guardiolas future

Although Guardiola seems to be very happy and comfortable with his role at Manchester City, some people have begun to doubt if his leadership is the best possible option to shepherd City into the future. Winning the Premier League by the skin of their teeth last season, Guardiola looked to almost be in shock before the final whistle sounded and City were able to crown themselves champions.

As we mentioned previously is this the longest tenure he’s ever had with a club. It should however be noted that Guardiola is very appreciated by both players and upper management at City, and it’s not unlikely that contract talks will take place in the later part of the season.