A New Football Fan’s Guide To The Most Popular Premier League Clubs

By Guest writer, Fri 08 July 2022 11:34

A New Football Fan’s Guide To The Most Popular Premier League Clubs 

If you are a new football fan, you might have taken a liking to the sport, and are updated about all the latest stats, but might still find yourself being out of place when it comes to cheering for your favorite club. When you are at a sports bar or watching a game live and witness other fans cheering for their favorite teams sporting their gear, if you feel out of place or cannot relate, it's time that you find your favorite Premier League club.

If you want to choose your favorite based on performance, you can simply look up the EPL top scorer list at topscorersfootball.com and choose your favorite team or player. However, if you prefer a bit of backstory, given below is a new football fan’s guide to the most popular premier league clubs:

Manchester City

Manchester City is the most competitive and top-performing club in the Premier League and is based in Manchester. Founded in 1880, the club finds its home ground in the Etihad Stadium. Nicknamed the Cityzens and the Sky Blues, the club has the accolade to be the top-performing EPL club in the past decade, and it continues to shine and uphold its titles graciously. With its closest rivals being Manchester United, the two often compete vigorously to win the Manchester derby, and fans of both clubs eagerly look forward to their scheduled plays.

Manchester United

With its players popularly known as the Red Devils, Manchester United is by far the most popular English Premier League team globally. Even those who aren’t familiar with football as a sport may have heard of United at least once in their lives or have an unrelated ManU jersey lying around at their home. It is arguably the biggest team in England, with it being the most valuable club in England, and has seen massive success. Established in 1878, it is the proud owner of 66 major honor trophies, and its biggest rivals materialize in terms of Liverpool and Manchester City.


Arsenal is one of the most popular EPL teams and is nicknamed Gunners with a passionate fan base and celebrity following. Some of the celebrities head-over-heels for this club include Prince Harry, Jay-Z, and Idris Elba. Based in London and its ground being the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal is a team full of contenders, and its biggest rivals are Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs. If you choose to be a fan-boy or fan-girl over Arsenal, fear not, as you wouldn’t be considered a bandwagon jumper since the club has a sense of mystery and intrigue to it.


Home to superstar players, Liverpool is nicknamed The Reds and it is the proud owner of the highest number of European trophies. With its stadium located in Anfield, Liverpool sees its biggest rivals in Everton and Manchester United. It has a global fan following, let alone the one in England, and has a brag-worthy history of hits and wins. Some of the biggest names associated with the club include Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, with even its manager having a cult following. Founded in 1892, Liverpool is here to stay and conquer for a long time.


Nicknamed The Blues, Chelsea has a dedicated fanbase that won’t bear listening to anything negative about the star team. Chelsea is known for being one of the strongest teams in England for many years now and sees its biggest rivals in Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs. Founded in 1905 and housed in the Stamford Bridge stadium, the club boasts multiple major trophies. Headed by Maurizio Sarri and his pool full of talent, Chelsea stands a strong chance to win titles day-in and day/out in the upcoming season.