Surebet service and its pros: interview with betting expert

By Guest writer, Fri 10 June 2022 10:02

Surebet service and its pros: interview with betting expert 

Meet our today's guest Artur Polianskyi, editor-in-chief of the BetBurger surebet service blog. Arthur kindly agreed to tell us about his service in more detail, with the emphasis on its benefits for the bettors and the earning opportunities provided by the product.

Hello Artur. Please tell us about your BetBurger service in layman's terms.

Good afternoon. Well, in "in layman's terms", BetBurger is a service allowing for an instant search of surebets and value bets. Surebet here means an arbitrage situation calculated by a well-known formula. The existence of a surebet allows you to wager bets on both opposite outcomes of the event in different bookies so that in the end it does not matter how the teams end their match - you still remain with a gain. So, our service helps searching for such "options" of bets with a guaranteed win in a matter of seconds, significantly saving our customers' time.

Please tell our readers the story behind the creation of BetBurger

We launched our service in 2014, it initially being just a small startup with limited functionality. But we started active development, adding new bookmakers and all popular kinds of sports. And since 2017, we began to slowly tap the markets of Europe, America and Asia. We currently scan over 200 bookies worldwide across 40 kinds of sports and 220 sports markets. We also actively develop our blog where you can find real tips for bettors, descriptions of almost all existing betting strategies and terms.

Are surebets legal? Will the arber break any laws?

The surebets are absolutely legal, we simply use the mistakes of the bookies - their differences in odds set for opposite outcomes of the same events. From a legal point of view, the bettor does not violate the law. But it is worth noting that the bookmakers are actively opposing surebettors activities, and if they suspect foul play, they may simply cut bettor's limits (reduce bet maximum - ed.). 

Please tell us about the advantages of your service

The main advantage of our product, our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), if you may, is the speed of bookies scanning, as well as the number of surebets and value bets offered. Our product can literally be considered the leader in terms of the number of surebets offered, BOs scanned, as well as in terms of the number of sports.

Please elaborate on your rates. Which one is better - Live, Premach or both?

We have a flexible tariff policy. We offer different subscription packages, so everyone will be able to choose for itself:

• Prematch package - Prematch surebets, comparison service. Middles. Negative surebets. Accounting. Sorting by ROI, other enhanced functionality. This rate is more suitable for beginners.

• Live package - Live surebets, comparison service. Middles. Accounting, other enhanced functionality. This subscription option is better suited for more experienced bettors.

• Premach & Live package - unlimited Prematch and Live surebets. Whole Prematch package. Whole Live package. A combo subscription option suiting any need.

How much can one earn with your service?

Professional bettors will be able to earn up to 10-15% of their monthly stakes on surebet strategy. But before starting, you must read and understand the "User's Guide" and "For Beginners" sections of our site. There, you can read more about all the pitfalls in surebet betting, as well as about possible problems, BO restrictions, etc.

Are there any risks, perhaps BO bans or other possible problems?

Yes, there are some risks. As I said, if the BO suspects you for a bettor, then it may cut your limits, resulting in more difficulties in your future betting career in this BO. So, in order not to be detected, we recommend you to follow some certain rules during your betting game. You can find these recommendations in the "For Beginners" section of our website. 

Please tell us about the BetBurger blog you are currently the Editor-in-Chief of

We have been running our blog for several years now, publishing the most relevant articles from the betting world there. The advantage of our blog is that we do not promote our service. We tell you the real strategies in sports betting, elaborate on all their advantages and disadvantages - the user will always have the option to choose the individual best-suiting betting system. Come to our blog, read the articles, we are looking forward to meet everyone!

Artur, thank you for an interesting interview. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for newbies?

Before starting to wager the surebets, you surely must read and understand all theoretical details of the strategy, because you will be betting your real money and you might risk losing your funds if you do something wrong. In this case, the aforementioned "Manual" and "For Beginners" sections of the BetBurger website, as well as our blog, will help you.