Everything You Need to Know About Free Bets and Betting Offers When Betting on the Sky Blues

By Guest writer, Thu 09 June 2022 16:39

Everything You Need to Know About Free Bets and Betting Offers When  Betting on the Sky Blues 

Manchester City is one of the best club sides in the world. In 2022 they won the league securing it with an amazing comeback against Aston Villa. The club must be looking at a Champions League win next year, and given the club’s infrastructure is fine the future looks good for the Sky Blues. Given how good they are, you may be tempted to check out UK betting offers before taking a punt. You want the best bang for your buck after all. So what are the pros and cons of each? Let’s find out.

Welcome Bonus or Sign Up Offers

This bonus is given once you create an account and make your first bet. The bookmaker will normally give you a free bet credit which can be used for future Manchester City matches, or indeed any sport the bookmaker allows you to use.
Sometimes, the welcome bonus takes the form of extra cash in addition to your first deposit, your stake money returned if your first bet loses, or additional winnings should your first bet be successful.

Bonuses for Existing Users

Although the idea of the welcome bonus is to get you to stay, they are not limited to new people joining. Every so often, promotions come along that coincide with big tournaments where new offers are created.
Typically, this takes the form of a free bet once a certain criterion is satisfied. So, this could be:

  1. Place three £10 multiple bets at odds of 3.0+.
  2. Settle all bets before midnight on a certain date.
  3. Receive a £10 free bet upon settlement.
  4. The free bet is valid for two days.

Not all loyalty bonuses take this form and some just offer a free bet without conditions. It is hard to predict what will come as it varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some do not offer any loyalty bonuses while others offer them all the time.

Enhanced Odds

Another gem of a bonus is the enhanced odds. As you can imagine, this is where the bookmaker offers enhanced odds on a certain match or tournament. It can be one bet or a range of bets associated with a match. So say Man City play Liverpool, enhanced odds could be on who will score first, the result, and so on and so forth.

Acca Bonuses

Acca is short for accumulator and bookmakers love it when you place one of these bets. To incentivise you they have offered two types of bonuses, one of which is particularly useful.

  1. Acca Boost – Here, a percentage is added to each win. Depending on how many legs(bets) are in your accumulator, depends on the bonus. Typically this could look like:
  2. 4 legs - 4%
  3. 5 legs – 7%
  4. 6 legs 10%
  5. 7 legs -15%

And so on.

  1. Acca Insurance – In the betting world the Acca Insurance bonus is not really valued. The idea is that should one leg let you down you get some kind of refund or compensation. Normally this can be a £10 free bet that must be used on an Acca bet which is a little disappointing, to say the least.
    In addition, you may find that two or more legs can let you down in which case you’ll get nothing.

Always choose your bonuses with care.