The Highs of Football Betting for Beginners

By Guest writer, Thu 12 May 2022 16:08

The Highs of Football Betting for Beginners 

There can’t be many football fans who haven’t been tempted to place a bet on a match at one time or another. This might be the natural urge to back their own team, or to bet against a local rival that happens to be going through a rough patch after many years near the top. Either way, the euphoria of the result going their way is one of the true high points of football betting.

This can be the start of a great little journey, as responsible betting can also have other highs associated with it, as highlighted below.

1. Discovering more about the sport they love

Football gamblers often think they know a lot about the sport until it comes to wagering on it. Then they find out that what they actually had was a great passion for the game and a love for their favourite team. This is, however, likely to fire their enthusiasm to find out more about the game, and this can be a very enjoyable process as well as making them a savvier gambler.

This can mean engaging with the news and social media over a wider range than they already do, and absorbing the information to help them make informed decisions when it comes to placing a wager.

2. Finding out the number of markets that they can place a bet on

Up until the point when they first see an online sports betting platform, most would-be gamblers might think that they could only bet on the result, the score or who is going to be the first scorer. However, a look at all of the betting markets on a website such as 32Red bets will show them that there is plenty more on offer than they might have heard about in the advert beaks at halftime.

The markets on offer can include the total number of goals scored, the position of the match at halftime and any number of player stats. This is where the knowledge of the person’s favourite team comes into play.

3. Learning about live betting and mobile apps

Watching games in the pub with friends is great, but it can take on a whole new dimension when a gambler discovers that almost all of those same markets are available after kick-off as well. This means that they can bet while they are watching the game if they choose and therefore get an extra adrenalin rush.

This is usually possible by using the app from their preferred online bookmaker, which can also be used to run their entire account.

With live betting, prep is also key for new gamblers, and making sure that their internet connection doesn’t drop out is important so they don’t miss out on placing a bet (or worse, cashing out on one) so trying it out beforehand to make sure there are no problems might be a good idea. Players should always use mobile data as well, as there is sensitive information involved, and public Wi-Fi can be more than a little patchy when it comes to security.