BetWasp is the best app for working with surebets and value bets

By Paul Stewart, Thu 16 December 2021 15:09

BetWasp is the best app for working with surebets and value betsA brief overview of the BetWasp service designed for scanning for surebets and value bets. Useful information and recommendations.

Nowadays, the bettors use a number of scanners for finding surebets and value bets, but it is BetWasp most of the bettors around the world choose. All this is attributable to the indisputable advantages of the software to be discussed in more detail in our today's article.

What is the BetWasp App

BetWasp is a desktop application mainly designed to make the process of betting with surebets and value bets the most comfortable and simple for the bettor.

This software is to be used to search for surebets for selected BOs and sports in a matter of seconds - for this, the software analyzes the lines of dozens of BOs in 40+ types of sports. All that is left for the bettor to do is choose from the generated list of suitable betting options and wager the bets in one click, without going to BO sites. Quick and easy!

The BetWasp app might be useful to any bettor wanting to make money by betting. After all, it is the surebets and values that ??are the best way to make a profit in betting.

The Surebets

The surebet is a certain situation in the world of betting allowing the bettor to earn a guaranteed profit in case of any result of the event. The bettor is to wager several bets with different BOs, accounting for all opposite outcomes of the event so as to remain "plus".

It may be possible due to the difference in BO coefficients set for opposite outcomes of events. The reason for such differences may be due to, for example, the BO's late reaction to the change of events in the match, as well as due to the BO competition, etc.

Unassisted search for surebets is a thankless task, it takes a lot of time, requires patience and certain skills to calculate the rates. BetWasp app does all this work for you: with its help you can get a list of available surebets in Prematch and Live modes in a matter of seconds.

In addition, BetWasp reduces the time for wagering bets - you wager all your necessary bets literally in one click, from the application itself, without going to the BO websites. 

Service functionality

BetWasp users always have extensive functionality at their disposal, helping them to bet with surebets as comfortably and efficiently as possible:

1. Generation of the list of surebets and values. The bettor gets a list of available surebets and value bets found according to the preset parameters (types of sports, BOs, profitability, lifetime, etc.).

2. Surebet calculator. A user-friendly calculator is available in the application - it is designed for a complete calculation of bets by the leverages of the surebets, taking into account the stake and restrictions on the maximum bet in BOs.

3. "Accounting" tool. This tool is designed to keep track of any and all your bets: the bets, their statuses and statistics are all to be recorded. For many surebet bettors, the bet accounting is an important part of the success.

4. Saved calculator. With this function, the bettor is able to save the surebet / value bet in the "Saved" tab, providing quick access to the event at any time.

5. Hidden menu. This tool is a kind of filter allowing to hide certain events or surebets from the generated list, in case they do not fit your requirements for some reason.

This is not a complete list of the functionality available with BetWasp - you can always read more about the software on the application's page.

Pros of the BetWasp app

The BetWasp app is an indispensable tool designed to help scanning for surebets. The application has a wide functionality and a number of advantages distinguishing it from other services searching for surebets. We have put together the main "pros" of the software into a list:

  • search for surebets and value bets takes only a couple of seconds;
  • a great variety of sports markets (9 main groups of markets) and types of sports (40+) available;
  • extensive functionality allowing to customize the search to suit individual needs;
  • all login data for logging into the BOs is stored on the user's side, providing additional security;
  • flexible tariff schedule, taking into account the needs of users;
  • competent support team ready to help with the settings or answer any questions you may have at any time.


The BetWasp application is considered the leader in the market of arbitrage betting (surebet) and value bet scanners, thanks to its speed, security, a large selection of scannable BOs and types of sports, as well as many useful functions. The software is not the cheapest of all surebet scanners, but it is qualitatively diverging from its competitors, for which reason it is getting chosen by thousands of surebet bettors.