Novel Ways to Support the Sky Blues, on and off the Pitch

By Guest writer, Fri 19 November 2021 15:16

Novel Ways to Support the Sky Blues, on and off the Pitch 

There’s nothing in the world like the heartfelt commitment of a fan for their beloved team. For generations, fans of Man City have gathered in the bleachers of Hyde Road, Maine Road and now the Etihad Stadium to cheer on the side through thick and thin. For much of that time, that was the be-all and end-all of active participation in supporting the squad. That’s all changed now in our super-connected, algorithmic smartphone world. There are more ways than ever to show your support for the Sky Blues, in ways both big and small. Below we take a look at a few novel approaches to supporting your team that may be overlooked by some, and unknown to others.

Have a flutter

One of the perennial means by which fans of all stripes can show support to their side, and get some “skin in the game”, is by placing a wager backing your team’s success in their upcoming games. Many online sportsbooks even host special offers on free bets, which can free you up to focus on the business of cheering on City, knowing your investment is protected in the event that they fail to carry the day.

Manage the squad your way

Think you can top Pep Guardiola as gaffer for City? Try your hand at leading your side to victory in the latest iteration of Football Manager. The long running game series has a loyal fanbase of committed, number crunching football aficionados who love nothing more than to play out different scenarios surrounding their favourite sides. The latest version, Football Manager 2021, is available on Xbox, PC and even mobile devices, making the granular thrills of managing every aspect of your team accessible to a much wider audience than its classic versions. 

Give back

Football is big business, and ticket costs, merchandising and sponsorships only go so far to bankroll the astronomical running costs of a top tier club like Man City. There are other, more indirect ways you can impact the Club’s bottom line, through donating or fundraising on behalf of City in the Community, the club’s charity wing. The organisation focuses on improving social and economic conditions for people in Manchester, and ultimately feeds back into the core values, and origins, of the club. If you want to support Man City in a subtle yet profound way, you can acknowledge its working class roots by giving back.