MCFC training report 14/12/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Wed 14 December 2011 13:48

MCFC training report 14/12/2011

The good news was that the higher fences weren't up yet so I could see but the bad news was it was bitterly cold with a icy wind. Still Milner in shorts though and joined by Savic and Micah. Good to see Micah back in full training. The keepers as ever were out much earlier but Joe, Stu and Panti were a bit slow in arriving and got some grief from Massimo. They reacted by doing some elaborate exercises as they jogged the last 100 yards.Almost all the session today was fitness based for the 17 out on show including Razak. After initial warm up stuff a little time was spent in a keep ball circle with a difference. The difference being there was one in the middle who was allowed to recieve a pass alongside the usual two trying to intercept.Mancini then took them all away for some team work but nothing actually with a ball. Looked to me it was all about shape and positioning again. As if he might have spotted something on Monday and wanted to put it right. Great attention to detail in how everybody was positioned especially when in defensive roles. The first team he worked with were then switched for the same work to be done.

Back across then for more fitness stuff and good to see Hargreaves joining in at this point. Also interesting to see them break into two groups (no reason I could tell in who was in which group) and do two different fitness routines. I wonder if it's down to chance who ends up in which group? I doubt it. Quite a bit of running involved as well today and everyone really focussed on doing what was required. Quite right too but with Mancini watching closely as ever it was no surprise either.

As they finished and wandered off Mario stayed back for a chat with the boss. The 2 photographers around today scampered across quickly to get close up pictures of what they hoped would be an argument or worse. Of course there was nothing like that as it was just a manager giving a striker some advice and ideas. Hargreaves stayed out with Carminati for some extra work and the only other to stay for a while was Clichy.

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