"Don't Disagree Too Hard!" - new Bluemoon Podcast online now

By David Mooney, Fri 16 December 2016 10:28

"Don't Disagree Too Hard!" - new Bluemoon Podcast online nowRichard Burns and Sam Lee join Sam Roscoe to discuss Leicester and Watford

Sam Roscoe is joined in the studio by Richard Burns from Yahoo Sports and Sam Lee from Goal to discuss an eventful week for Manchester City. In today's show, the panel discuss the injury to Ilkay Gundogan and ask how the Blues will cope without their main midfielders against Arsenal. We assess the performances against Watford and Leicester, trying to work out what went wrong with the defence and asking if the attack can be doing more to put the ball in the net. David Mooney's been speaking to Ligue 1 expert Andrew Gibney to find out about Monaco, following the Champions League draw - and Howard Hockin sets his sights on Stan Collymore.

Episode 8.19 - Don't Disagree Too Hard!
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Episode 8.18 Extra - City vs Arsenal
For those who back the show by $5 a month or more through Patreon, you can listen to the supplement show on their website right now. It works on desktop and on mobile. The panel remember Adebayor's knee-slide.

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