MCFC training report 06/12/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Tue 06 December 2011 13:16

MCFC training report 06/12/2011

Almost tropical today mainly because there was no wind but still only Milner and Savic were in shorts. As it's CL week there were all sorts of cameras around but in addition today there was a team all kitted out in training gear. Blue track suit bottoms and a white top with Italia written on the bottom of it. According to Lombardo it was the Italian waterpolo team ( at least that's what heard from his best English!)

16 players out there today and going through some basic stuff to start with for the cameras. When it came to keep ball circles Mancini joined in one to make up the numbers. Did very well too and whenever there was a dispute he made the decision. Kolo was fully involved and if there was any suggestion of problems in the camp it certainly wasn't evident to anyone watching.

Then it was into pass and move games and by this time the waterpolo team had stopped their attempts at football (not quite Sunday league standard) to watch and they saw some quality work. Really good movement, quick passing and first time control was impressive. Small goals were involved late on but I don't think anyone managed a goal although Nigel kept trying and AJ hit the woodwork.

Onto the final game which was 9 a side and the first goal was poached by Aguero latching onto a rebound close in. Yaya equalised from about 18 yards and then Barry scored with a very well controlled volley after a cross ball broke to him. The ball was well off the ground and he did well to keep it down and find the corner. Mario made it 3-1 from the edge of the box. Side foot into the corner and then Yaya got another back ghosting in at the far post to volley home. It was a good game and when the whistle blew for the end there were all sorts of complaints from the losing side for a bit longer. I don't think Mancini wanted anymore as 3 key players had taken knocks (nothing serious) and he didn't fancy one that was bad but he relented and said 2 minutes more.

Nasri quickly equalised bursting through all sorts of legs/tackles and getting the lucky breaks but he sold the keeper and gently rolled it home. Then very soon after Silva hit the winner with a great cross shot. 2 goals in two minutes truned it round and Joe for one was extremely happy as he ran around jumping on people in fun.

Only Milner stayed out for extras today shooting at Panti.