MCFC training report 02/12/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 02 December 2011 14:34

MCFC training report 02/12/2011

All out today except Kolarov (yes Owen was there) but no Nedum or Bridge today. As ever Yaya was first out and this time closely followed by Razak and the pair had a game of crossbar challenge for a while. I think it ended about evens.

Lots of the usual warm up jogging and stretching and then into keep ball circles very close to where I was. When they get that close it really does remind me (as if I need it) of how young they are, or at least compared to me! It can get like a playground with all the banter, fun and nonsense that goes on. Not that at the same time they don't apply themselves to what they are doing but they just enjoy themselves along the way. Zaba wasnt involved in this part as he just worked alone with Carminati.

A break, then into 1 and 2 touch stuff with poles set up as nets, 6 sets, for goals to be scored in after a minimum of 5 completed passes. I think a few of them had trouble working this one out but plenty of goals and plenty of quick intricate passing. Then finally they treated me to a game and some good goals too. To start with it was a little sloppy both in defending and shooting and chances were missed but then a poor back pass found the master goalscorer in front of the keeper but with his back to goal. One classy flick later and it's one nil.

Barry equalised with a firm shot from AJ's good low cross, then some great work between Aguero and Nasri saw Nasri fire into the far corner with a great shot. Yaya equalised with a great goal taking a ball on his chest and then a flicked volley before the ball hit the ground. The next goal was scored by Lombardo who had come on and it was a goal like Nasri's, great strike and again the keeper no chance. Nigel was shouting for Lombardo to shoot every time he got the ball after that. The final goal was a bit lucky as the ball fell to him after a shot was blocked but he finished clinically.

One or two top top saves from Joe. One was a piledriver from Milner that moved all over the place and hit him in the shoulder. The next a double save from Milner and then Micah who couldn't believe he hadn't scored. And that was that. A couple of worrying moments as players seemd to get injuries but I think all was well in the end as they carried on. Just 2 players stayed out to practice shooting at Costel. Milner and AJ who probably do this more than any others when I watch.