Perfect days out for any football fan

By Paul Stewart, Tue 05 April 2016 13:03

Perfect days out for any football fanFootball related activities to try with friends and family

There are times when you can't get to see your team play. Maybe it's because they're not playing at home and you haven't been able to follow them all over the country. Or perhaps there's a break because the national sides are playing friendlies or qualifying competition matches.

Whatever the reason, you can still have a great day out as a football fan because there are plenty of football related activities to do or different sports to explore. Here are some ideas on what you could try with friends and family.

Visit a football museum

Many clubs have museums that display all sorts of fascinating information, pictures, trophies, colours and everything football related. You might like to introduce the kids to the National Football Museum in Manchester. It's a great place for them to learn more about the national game and enjoy all the different types of displays.

Go behind the scenes

Clubs, especially the top ones, are always keen to show fans behind the scenes, introducing them to the history that culminates in the spectacle of great players striding onto the turf to enthral tens of thousands of fans on match day. These tours are ideal for getting to know new people, making friends of fans who enjoy football as much as you do. Perhaps you'll even have the chance to meet one of the greats of the game who may be in charge of the tour.

Try a different sport

Football fans often enjoy different sports when they can't watch their team play, and horse racing is a popular way to spend a day. It's also a great day out for the family. The kids can have a go at backing a horse (though you'll have to pay up and place a bet!) and get the excitement or disappointment of winning or losing. The world-famous Grand National makes a great day out at Aintree and there are plenty of places where you can check out the Grand National 2016 Runners. Runners and riders face the ultimate test of steeplechasing and you'll be awestruck and thrilled at the same time.

Have a kickabout 

There's no better way to have some family fun than heading for the park with a football and having a kickabout. You can display your skill (such as they may be) and teach the kids a few tricks of the trade. Practise some dribbling and shooting, explain about goal kicks and throw-ins, but perhaps leave the offside rule for another time. Jumpers for goalposts anyone?

Check out different games

When you can't bear not to watch a match why not visit another team nearby and get involved with the atmosphere? A football match, after all, is a football match, so you can enjoy the competition wherever you go.

So, as a football fan, you've plenty of choices for other things to do when your team's not playing. Be imaginative and try some different things for a perfect day out.