Training report 09/09/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 09 September 2011 13:09

Training report 09/09/2011

Warm today and for the first time this season (for me anyway) behind fences all the time. Me on ladders and Lewis on the tree stump giving the best view of the lot. Photographers all over the place and saying that City have got permission to increase (double) the size of the fencing for next year. Also apparently City have been ordered to have a bigger press room for pre champions league conferences.

The same 20 out as yesterday,including Ned and Razak and first out were Nasri and Yaya. AK helped Mario get his bib sorted (pictures in papers maybe), Mancini spending some early time chatting with Hargreaves. After jogging they started with the fun game of switching between two pitches,one with full sized goals and one with small 5 a side type nets. A 2 touch game but a one touch finish. Kolarov scored the first 2 which he celebrated in style.The best goal though was a fast flowing move where Mario finished off from a Dzeko pass.

Did I mention it was warm? It got hotter and I was shedding clothes as the players were but Lescott still kept his hat on and Carlos kept his tracksuit top on over his shirt. At the end of this game it was into a quick fitness routine in and out of poles before they waited for the keepers to come over. Mario had a brief go in goal but he was mostly lying down. Wabara and Filipo Mancini came close to the fence to work with physios on their rehab work.

Then I thought we were going to see the first really bad injury at Carrington for a while as 3 fans arriving late decided to climb a tree to get a good vantage point. The first 2 struggled up with some help. It was a good effort as they didnt seem built for tree climbing but the last effort was the real worrying one. Somehow he made it and somehow the tree branches didn't collapse under the weight.

Onto the game and the first top action was a great save by Panti from Carlos set up by Aguero. Then a couple of players(AK and DS) got worrying knocks but they amounted to nothing. Nedum was looking very strong and I enjoyed Hargreaves hunting the ball down one time when he lost possession. KT was also looking strong and letting nothing past and one challenge looked especially determined with his opponent pulling out just in case.

Clichy got away with one tackle which could have been a pen but then gave one away unluckily on Mario.Mario of course took the pen and I saw the rarity of Joe saving it and clearing the ball before he could follow up. No doubt he will give him grief over that inside.The tussle between Vinnie and Carlos was worth the entry money (£0) with Vinnie just about winning on points but both were really battling very hard.Then came a fantastic double save from Panti.Tipping onto the bar from AJ and then over the top from Aguero. Montgomeryesque.

Milner scored a simple goal ( he keeps scoring) and there is no doubt today was a lot more intense than yesterday.Late on came the best bit of football of the lot where Clichy found AJ with a deep cross and he cushioned a volley to Aguero and his scissor kick rattled off the post.Quality stuff.That was about it. Hargreaves and Carminati deep in chat at the end and joined by Platt. Kolo stayed out for some extra work including heading and was joined by Clichy while ED/AJ/MB/AK all had some shooting practice ( all pretty good too).

Just need to arrange a meet up with Lewis this afternoon as he left his wallet in the car. Doh! At least not on the bus this time Lewis!