Manchester: The City Years


14/08/1971 Leeds United H D1 0-1 Get match info
21/08/1971 Chelsea A D1 2-2 Get match info
28/08/1971 Tottenham Hotspur H D1 4-0 Get match info
25/09/1971 Southampton H D1 3-0 Get match info
16/10/1971 Leeds United A D1 0-3 Get match info
06/11/1971 Manchester United H D1 3-3 Get match info
13/11/1971 Arsenal A D1 2-1 Get match info
20/11/1971 West Ham United A D1 2-0 Get match info
04/12/1971 Derby County A D1 1-3 Get match info
12/02/1972 Sheffield United A D1 3-3 Get match info
19/02/1972 Huddersfield Town H D1 1-0 Get match info
11/03/1972 Everton A D1 2-1 Get match info
08/04/1972 West Ham United H D1 3-1 Get match info
22/04/1972 Derby County H D1 2-0 Get match info

All history and statistical material has been produced based on the research and writing of Manchester football historian Gary James ( It is maintained by Ric Turner & Gary James. All text remains the copyright of the original contributors.

Gary's book, Manchester - the City Years: Tracing the Story of Manchester City from the 1860s to the Modern Day, is available to order on Amazon.

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