MCFC Quotes

My mum always told me not to go near the main road.
Kevin Keegan (June 2001)

My husband's time as manager of City, from 1965 through to the early 1970s, was one of the most enjoyable periods of his life. He loved the club, the supporters, the players, the hope and the atmosphere of that period.
Norah Mercer (2001)

No, no, no. We can't have him. Isn't he the lad who threw a bed out of the window at Lilleshall?
Joe Mercer expresses doubt to Allison regarding 'bad-boy' Tony Coleman joining the Blues (1967)

Sometimes we're good and sometimes we're bad but when we're good, at least we're much better than we used to be and when we are bad we're just as bad as we always used to be, so that's got to be good hasn't it?
Mark Radcliffe Radio 1 DJ & City fan (November 2001)

Mark Radcliffe secured a slot on Picadilly Radio and named his Transmission programme after the Joy Division song. I remember listening to him one rainy Saturday evening in May 1983, just an hour after City had been relegated. His playlist, "The Blue Orchids", "Fight" and "Ceremony", seemed to match the melancholy mood of the moment.
Dave Haslam author of Manchester, England (1998)

Everybody talks about us because you've got drama, trauma, passion, despair, delight and controversy - that is City. But that's Kevin Keegan. It's a marriage made in heaven.
Susan Bookbinder Radio 5 Live Presenter (November 2001)

Are you watching,
Are you watching,
Are you watching Macclesfield?
City fans react to the Blue's relegation to Division Two with typical humour (May 1998)

It looks like the Lazio badge with that eagle on it. The last badge had a little ship on it going down the Manchester Ship Canal and the rose of Lancashire. When was the last time you saw an eagle in Manchester?
Noel Gallagher less than impressed by City's new club badge (1998)

It's true. I think he phoned our management office. There's no way he's ever getting them. He scored against City on his debut.
Noel Gallagher explains why Ryan Giggs never received complimentary tickets for a hometown Oasis concert (May 1998)

I don't want those scally City fans round at my house putting my windows in when City are in the Third Division and blaming it all on me.
Noel Gallagher responds to suggestions he should become chairman (May 1999)

We were supposed to come out at half-time to do a draw at Maine Road once but Frank Clark said "I don't want those two tossers on the pitch", and we respected him for that.
Mark and Lard (September 2001)

Dennis Tueart was my favourite player as a kid but I treasured a framed photo of Colin Bell that I'd bought from some dodgy market stall.
Johnny Marr City fan and ex-Smiths guitarist (June 2002)

My five year old son told me he had fallen out with his best friend about City and United. We'd just been relegated to Division Two and United were winning everything, so I thought about it and decided to have a father and son talk. I said "You've decided to follow a team that's not going to be on television much over the next few years and it's going to be tough". I bit my lip, took a gulp and said "If you like, you can even support United". He looked at me in horror and spat out "but Dad, I could support Arsenal, I could support Newcastle, but I can't support United". I just thought put a tag on his toe, he's a Blue for life.
Johnny Marr on the trials of parenthood

If I wasn't praying for City, just think where we might be.
MCFC chaplain Tony Porter

The fans are absolutely unbelievable at this club and I owe them so much.
Gio Kinkladze (1997)