Different Types of Bonuses for Manchester City Betting Fans

By Guest writer, Wed 12 August 2020 13:49

Different Types of Bonuses for  Manchester City Betting Fans 

Considering the overall success Manchester City has been having the last few years, it is no surprise that several of its fans have been minting money by betting on them. Moreover, as one of the most famous football clubs in the world right now, betting enthusiasts from across the globe, who might not be interested in football, also place wagers on Manchester City whenever the team steps on to the field.

With the help of technology and online betting sites, it has become simpler to place wagers on sports. However, for a newcomer, there are still aspects of the betting world that they need to know about to make maximum profits.

The bookmaker having a license is one vital point to check, but so is the bonuses they offer. When researching online bookmakers, you are likely to come across various offers that can be a bit confusing. To help you choose the best website, one that provides you with the most chances, here are the different bonuses you need to check before betting on Manchester City. 

Free Bets

Free bets are precisely that. These offers are completely free. Another common name of these wagers is no-deposit bets. Bookmakers give them out so that a newcomer can experience what sports betting is all about without risking their own money. However, there are typically some rules around free bets. Sometimes, bookies might limit you to the games you can bet on. For example, they might only be valid for the ongoing Premier League or popular virtual games that are an integral part of sports betting nowadays. Moreover, the money you win from these bets cannot just be withdrawn. It will be pocketed in your account and is yours once you officially join the bookmaker. 

Cash Offers

Cash bonuses are a common type of reward you can expect from any online bookmaker. These can range in the amount and cover either your first deposit or multiple deposits. The basics of a cash deposit involve a punter receiving a fixed cash boost to their account depending on their initial investment. So, if they invest $100, the website, based on their offer, might put in an extra $100, doubling their playing money. The cash bonus can be 10, 20, or even 100% of your initial deposit, but there is typically a cap on the maximum that a bookmaker will give you. 

Service Rewards

Not all bonuses and rewards are linked to money when it comes to online bookies. There are several other opportunities where you don’t necessarily get cash but can save some. For example, leading bookmakers now offer their customers the chance to watch live streams of sporting events for free. So, you can be far away from home, in a foreign country, with no TV, and still watch Manchester City play on your phone. Sometimes, websites will link up with local businesses and provide discount coupons for their patrons from restaurants or department stores. You might even get online gift cards, occasionally.

Money-Back Options

This particular bet might not be useful for Manchester City fans simply because the team doesn’t lose that often. Still, it is an excellent option if you are new to sports gambling. The fundamentals of the wager are simple. If you make a winning bet, you get to keep the money. If you lose, the bookmaker will return your investment. Not surprisingly, this is also known as the win-win betting option.