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  • 8.17 - Tearing His Hair Out, 02/12/2016
    Sam Roscoe takes charge of Yahoo Sports writer Richard Burns and ESPN's Jonathan Smith as they discuss the ins and outs of Manchester City's week. The panel mull over the club's fight after a battling performance at Burnley's Turf Moor, while David Mooney assesses the situation against City's title rivals. We look ahead to a tough visit from league leaders Chelsea, and Howard Hockin addresses the criticism of Raheem Sterling. We also get to grips with Pep Guardiola's style, whether or not he's got the players he'd like, and who can replace Vincent Kompany should the Belgian prove he's not up to the challenge fitness-wise. Mix in some dodgy accents and you've got yourself a fun hour of all things City.
  • 8.16 - Only Stones Remains, 25/11/2016
    David Mooney takes charge of the show for another week, joined by Howard Hockin and, from Blue Moon Rising TV, Paul Walsh. They're looking back at Yaya Toure's return to first team duties in the 2-1 win at Crystal Palace, and just how on earth Fernandinho managed to be sent off during the 1-1 draw with Borussia Monchengladbach. We talk Vincent Kompany's injuries and Pablo Zabaleta's legs, while we also try to work out what's wrong with Sergio Aguero. David Mooney chats to Sky Sports reporter Guillem Balague and Sam Roscoe quizzes ESPN's Jeff Carlisle about New York City FC's first season under Patrick Vieira. We also discuss the idea of introducing safe standing with the next expansion at the Etihad.
  • 8.15 - Going At It, 18/11/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns from Yahoo Sports and Sam Lee from to discuss City's week. The panel take a look ahead to the trip to Crystal Palace and the Champions League tie with Borussia Monchengladbach. Sam Roscoe takes a look at some of City's recent defensive partnerships and we look at what City's best options are at centre-back this season. Howard Hockin's talking tickets, England and John Stones, while we also discuss Jesus Gabriel's arrival and Pep Guardiola's post-midnight sex ban. Certainly not one to be missed!
  • 8.14 - All Cake is Rubbish, 11/11/2016
    With another home draw racked up and with questions beginning to arise about Manchester City's form at the Etihad, Sam Roscoe is joined by Dan Burke and Kieran Clarke to work out if there is anything to worry about. The team look back at the 1-1 stalemate with Middlesbrough and ask where City are going wrong. David Mooney's been looking at Yaya Toure's apology and Dmitry Seluk's refusal to say sorry, while former goalkeeper Carlo Nash chats to Sam Roscoe about his career at Maine Road. We give our progress report of the season so far, too.
  • 8.13 - The Spanish Alan Kernaghan, 04/11/2016
    Will Unwin from ITV Sport and Nick Ames from the Guardian join David Mooney for a look back over the last seven days at Manchester City. The 4-0 win at West Brom gets the analysis treatment, and we look at what Pep Guardiola did to make sure that City were on top of their game against Barcelona to take the victory. How are Sergio Aguero and Ilkay Gundogan performing? We give our thoughts. David Mooney also speaks to Alex Williams about 30 years of City in the Community, while Howard Hockin discusses what's made City one of the more enjoyable teams to watch. We also look ahead to Saturday's game with Middlesbrough.
  • 8.12 - Back to Basics, 28/10/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and Howard Hockin to discuss City's continuing winless streak, as Pep Guardiola embarks on his worst run as a manager. We discuss the ins and outs of the matches with Southampton and Manchester United, giving thoughts on the boss's style of play, errors at the back, and team selection for the derby. David Mooney's been examining whether City fans should continue booing the UEFA Champions League anthem ahead of the match with Barcelona, while Sam Roscoe looks at City's record on Halloween and Bonfire Night. We also look ahead to matches with West Brom and Barcelona.
  • 8.11 - The Juice is Worth the Squeeze, 21/10/2016
    Sam Roscoe is joined by Typical City's Dan Burke and the Manchester Evening News's Rob Pollard to discuss a week that didn't really go to plan. We consider the impact of Claudio Bravo's red card and ask about when Pep Guardiola needs to be willing to compromise on style. We ask whether Sergio Aguero is an automatic starter after being benched two matches running. And we ponder two missed penalties against Everton and what that's done for the Premier League picture. The team look ahead to fixtures with Southampton and Manchester United, while Howard Hockin demands the manager is given time to implement his changes. Sam Roscoe also chats to Rob Wilson, a football finance expert from Sheffield Hallam University, about City's books, revealed this week.
  • 8.10 - Not Offered a Biscuit, 14/10/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and Kieran Clarke to look ahead to Manchester City's week as the Blues get back to domestic action. After disappointing results against Celtic and Tottenham, we ask if there's a so-called "blueprint" to beating City or if that's just an overreaction. We look forward to the games against Everton and Barcelona. Sam Roscoe takes us on a whistle-stop tour of some of City's biggest bogey teams, while ex-defender Danny Granville chats to David Mooney. We also get the panel's thoughts on wifi or 3G bans for players and juniors having to wear black boots.
  • 8.9 - Bertying, 07/10/2016
    Sam Roscoe returns to pick through the bones of City's first defeat of the season. He's joined by Gaz, better known as Twitter's @burnagedaydream, and ESPN's Manchester City Correspondent Jonathan Smith to discuss the impact of Spurs' performance and name names when it comes to City's poor showing. David Mooney speaks to Nick Cushing and Steph Houghton from Man City Women as they make history with their debut in the Champions League, while Howard Hockin takes on punditry in the last seven days. We discuss the quality of City's start to the season and look at defensive options, too.
  • 8.8 - A Woman Scorned, 30/09/2016
    Games against Swansea and Celtic get the critical eye from Sam Roscoe and his guests Richard Burns, from Yahoo Sports, and - making his podcast debut - Will Unwin, from ITV Sport. We analyst the roles of Raheem Sterling and Claudio Bravo. David Mooney chats to former City goalkeeper Geert De Vlieger, while Howard Hockin has been reading Joey Barton's book to give us all the juicy gossip. We look ahead to the tie with Tottenham and assess City's Champions League position.
  • 8.7 - Kept Quiet for 40 Years, 23/09/2016
    As Pep Guardiola makes it nine wins in nine games, David Mooney is joined by Howard Hockin and Typical City's Dan Burke to discuss the ins and outs of City's play. We touch on how the Blues play from the back and the outside criticism of it, we analyse how City research their opposition, and how direct the team is this season - as we review wins over Bournemouth and Swansea. We discuss the impact of injuries on Vincent Kompany and if he can bounce back again. Sam Roscoe takes a look at Yaya Toure, his agent and their relationship with the manager, while we preview the coming games with Swansea in the Premier League and Celtic in the Champions League. Alistair Mann chats new-look City to Rob Wilson and we pass comment on the new third kit.
  • 8.6 - Cagoules and Strepsils, 16/09/2016
    Sam Roscoe is joined by Paul Atherton and the Manchester Evening News's Rob Pollard to look back over a terrific Manchester Derby victory for City. We ask how far Kelechi Iheanacho can go, we consider the performances of Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva, and we assess the performance and role of Claudio Bravo. The team looks back over a great win against Borussia Monchengladbach, while throwing forward to matches with Bournemouth and Swansea. We discuss whether John Stones is a future captain, Howard Hockin tackles the weather, while we consider City's influence on sales of Cagoules and Strepsils.
  • 8.5 - Let Down the Hipsters, 09/09/2016
    Ahead of the Manchester Derby, Sam Roscoe is joined by chief football writer at the Sunday Mirror, Simon Mullock, and chief football writer at the Independent, Mark Ogden, to discuss the issues surrounding Manchester City. We discuss Sergio Aguero's ban, Mark Halsey's tweet, and the rivalry between the two clubs. David Mooney speaks to Sid Lowe, Spanish football expert from the Guardian and from The Spanish Football Podcast to get the lowdown on Pep Guardiola's relationship with Jose Mourinho. We also discuss the coverage of City in the press and cast an eye further forward to the match with Borussia Monchengladbach.
  • 8.4 - The Buy To Let System, 02/09/2016
    Sam Roscoe returns with Dan Burke from Typical City and Richard Burns from Yahoo Sports to discuss the ins and outs of the last week at Manchester City. The 3-1 win over West Ham gets an analytical eye, while we consider whether Sergio Aguero deserves a ban for his actions in that game. We sing the praises of Raheem Sterling and the assess what's changed in his game. The transfer window is the topic for Howard Hockin, while the team in the studio discuss the ins and outs at the club. David Mooney looks back on Joe Hart's 10 years at the club.
  • 8.3 - 4-and-a-Half Million Instagram Followers, 26/08/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Howard Hockin and, from the Manchester Evening News, Rob Pollard, to look back at the week for Manchester City. A 4-1 victory at Stoke provided many talking points - penalties, goals, performances... and we analyse it all. We have reaction to the 1-0 win over Steaua Bucharest and what could be Joe Hart's final appearance for the Blues. We catch up with Pol Gustems from Catalunya Radio to explain what Claudio Bravo will bring to the club, while artist Lesley Ross explains why she's drawing every single City goal this season. If that's not enough, we review the Champions League draw and look ahead to the match with West Ham.
  • 8.2 - New Sheriff in Town, 19/08/2016
    It looks like it's all change at City - and David Mooney is joined by Dan Burke and Paul Atherton to try and work out Pep Guardiola's false fullbacks, just how Sergio Aguero missed two penalties and still scored a hat-trick, and how the Blues can get the best of Stoke. Former City goalkeeper Nicky Weaver joins us for a chat about Joe Hart and his future at the club, while Howard Hockin tackles Guardiola's team selections and influence on the squad. We also take a look at the sad passing away of former City striker Dalian Atkinson.
  • 8.1 - Old Dog, New Tricks, 12/08/2016
    As a new era begins at Manchester City, David Mooney is joined by ESPN’s Jonathan Smith and Richard Burns from Yahoo Sports to discuss how the Blues are shaping up for the beginning of the Pep Guardiola era. The team discuss pre-season and whether the preparations have been enough, we talk to some members of the press to see how exciting the new manager could be, and we take a look ahead to games with Sunderland and Steaua Bucharest.
  • 7.43 - Mancrush, 19/05/2016
    David Mooney and Sam Roscoe have left the confines of the studio for the final show of 2015-16 and are in front of a live audience at Gullivers in Manchester. They’re joined on the panel by Yahoo Sports and uMaxIt writer Richard Burns, Typical City’s Dan Burke and former City striker Paul Dickov. We take a look back over the last campaign and assess whether Manuel Pellegrini’s time at Manchester City was a success. We preview the coming year and the new era at the Etihad, as Pep Guardiola takes the reigns.
  • 7.42 - Stabbed While Making Toast, 13/05/2016
    It’s a crunch week for Manchester City - but many would have thought the match with Swansea would have been vital for a Premier League title challenge instead of securing a top four place. This week, David Mooney is joined by ESPN’s Jonathan Smith and former City journalist Alex Porter to talk through the 2-2 draw with Arsenal. We take a look at City’s progress in Europe and ask if they’ve made it in the Champions League. We consider the game at Swansea and whether the Blues have what it takes to even qualify for the top European competition next season. Howard Hockin looks at Manuel Pellegrini’s relationship with the fans, while we also catch up with Armani from Manchester City Sierra Leone to find out how they’ve been coping in the devastation caused by the Ebola virus.
  • 7.41 - Ridiculously Meticulous, 06/05/2016
    It was a disappointing week for City, following the 1-0 loss at Real Madrid and the 4-2 defeat at Southampton. City’s top four place now hangs in the balance - so Sam Roscoe is joined by Yahoo Sports writer Richard Burns and Typical City’s Dan Burke to work out where it’s all been going wrong and whether City are in trouble for qualifying for next season’s Champions League. Rob Daly from the official Champions League Podcast chats about City’s standing in the competition now, while David Mooney assesses how likely the Blues are to beat Arsenal given their record against the better teams this campaign.
  • 7.40 - Captain of my Heart, 29/04/2016
    After City’s 0-0 draw with Real Madrid, David Mooney is joined by Typical City’s Dan Burke and Yahoo Sports City reporter Richard Burns to discuss where the result leaves Manuel Pellegrini’s side in the tie. Are they now favourites because of the potential for away goals? Or do Madrid have the edge with home advantage? What effect will the coming game on Wednesday have on Sunday’s match with Southampton? We assess the Premier League picture and the race for the top four (or top three). Sam Roscoe speaks to the PFA’s women’s player of the year Isobel Christiansen and Howard Hockin talks about an important week at the Hillsborough inquest.
  • 7.39 - Round Pegs, 22/04/2016
    It’s a big week for City and Sam Roscoe is joined by ESPN’s Jon Smith and our very own Howard Hockin to discuss all of the talking points from the win over Chelsea and the draw with Newcastle. That’s ahead of crucial ties with Stoke in the Premier League and Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals. David Mooney’s been speaking to Spanish football expert David Cartlidge to get some insight into Zinedine Zidane’s side, while Jason Wilcox gives us his thoughts ahead of the Youth Cup Final against Chelsea.
  • 7.38 - Cock-a-hoop, 15/04/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Kieran Clarke and Paul Atherton to discuss a second excellent week in a row! Following the 2-1 win over West Brom and the 1-0 victory against PSG, we take a look at the talking points from the two matches - and consider some players who have played very well after difficult City careers so far. Sam Roscoe looks at whether or not the Blues are coming of age in the Champions League, Howard Hockin takes on media bias, and we cast an eye ahead to games with Chelsea and to Newcastle. We even manage to squeeze in some ticket price discussion.
  • 7.37 - A Turd in the Punchbowl, 08/04/2016
    Sam Roscoe reflects on quite a good week for City, in the company of Richard Burns and Dan Burke from Yahoo Sports and Typical City respectively. We talk about City’s big win against Bournemouth and assess the impact and the talking points of the 2-2 draw with PSG. David Mooney examines the links between City and PSG, while Rob Pollard catches up with Chief Football Correspondent at the Independent Mark Ogden to discuss the Champions League and Pep Guardiola. In all of that, we also look ahead to the tie on Saturday with West Brom.
  • 7.37 Extra - Rob Pollard with... Mark Ogden, 10/04/2016
    Rob Pollard speaks to the Chief Football Correspondent at the Independent, Mark Ogden, to talk Pep Guardiola and the Champions League.
  • 7.36 - Records That Don’t Exist, 01/04/2016
    It’s a crucial week for Manchester City. The Blues face a tough test in Bournemouth in their battle to stay in the top four - and we remember Kevin Horlock’s bizarre ‘aggressive walking’ sending off at Dean Court on City’s last visit there, getting the referee’s side of the story too. After that, it’s a tough task in Paris for the first leg of the tie with PSG. Howard Hockin takes on Manuel Pellegrini and youth progression, and we discuss some of the biggest MCFC news stories of the week.
  • 7.35 - Sand on the Beach, 25/03/2016
    There might be no game for City this weekend, but it’s certainly not a quiet week! Sam Roscoe steers the good ship Blue Moon Podcast, with guests Richard Burns and Howard Hockin, talking over the defeat to Manchester United. David Mooney speaks to Kevin Parker, the general secretary of the City Supporters Club, over the issue of £60 tickets for the match with PSG, and we discuss whether a walk-out would be a good idea. We catch up with Nick Cushing, as MCWFC’s season gets underway with a victory over Notts County.
  • 7.34 - Bad, Bad Football Team, 18/03/2016
    Sam Roscoe takes charge of the show in the week where City specialised in 0-0 stalemates - and he's joined by Richard Burns and Paul Atherton to discuss the talking points from the bore draws. City's title race seems all but over and they're now in a battle to hang on to their Champions League status, especially with another injury to Vincent Kompany. Despite that, the Blues are into the last eight of the European competition. Howard Hockin returns to pour scorn on the week and Rob Pollard catches up with Chief Football Writer at the Daily Telegraph Sam Wallace to talk about Raheem Sterling's impact at Eastlands.
  • 7.34 Extra - Rob Pollard with... Sam Wallace, 20/03/2016
    Rob Pollard talks Manuel Pellegrini, Raheem Sterling and City’s season with the Telegraph’s Chief Football Writer, Sam Wallace.
  • 7.33 - The Early Stages Of A Protection Racket, 11/03/2016
    David Mooney is joined by The Manchester Evening News reporter Rob Pollard and Gaz, @burnagedaydream on Twitter, to talk through the issues of the week. A 4-0 win against Villa puts City’s top four credentials back into line - but where did it leave Wilfried Bony? How is David Silva coping under the burden of all the creative midfield? And what did the win do for City’s title challenge? Sam Roscoe also speaks to Jim Glennie and Saul Davies from the band James about growing up as a City fan, while we look ahead to matches with Norwich and Dynamo Kiev - can City get their first back-to-back Premier League wins since October? We also squeeze in some discussion on ticket prices.
  • 7.32 - Jobs For The Boys, 04/03/2016
    In a contrasting week, David Mooney is joined by Typical City’s Dan Burke and former MCFC Club Journalist Alex Porter, currently with the Huddersfield Examiner, to talk through the highs of the League Cup Final win and the lows of the defeat at Anfield three days later. Is the top four under threat? Can City get back into the title race? Is Manuel Pellegrini’s position even safe, despite Pep Guardiola coming in next summer? We seek to answer all of these questions. Also on the show, Howard Hockin looks at the manager’s decision to start Willy Caballero in the cup final, while Sam Roscoe looks at a previous Wembley penalty shoot-out from 1999. We look ahead to the match with Aston Villa and take your questions too.
  • 7.31 - What Catalyst?, 26/02/2016
    Controversy always reigns at Manchester City and Sam Roscoe is joined by ESPN’s David Mooney and Yahoo Sports’s Richard Burns to debate whether Manuel Pellegrini’s decision to heavily rotate his team for the 5-1 loss at Chelsea was vindicated with the 3-1 win at Dynamo Kiev. We speak to Tony Book, Joe Royle and Dennis Tueart from the 1976 League Cup final - 40 years to the date before City’s meeting with Liverpool at Wembley - to get their memories of the game. We look ahead to two meetings with Liverpool and we catch up with Neil Atkinson from The Anfield Wrap to discuss the cup final.
  • 7.30 - Mud Stains, 19/02/2016
    After a tough week, Sam Roscoe is joined by the Manchester Evening News reporter Rob Pollard and Dan Burke from Typical City to discuss the ins and outs of the defeat to Tottenham. Inspired by Mark Clattenburg’s horror show of a decision, David Mooney’s been looking back at some of the worst refereeing calls made to Manuel Pellegrini’s City. We preview the coming matches with Chelsea and Dynamo Kiev in the FA Cup and Champions League respectively. Howard Hockin explains why the ticket price issue is easy to solve, but wonders why it’s all got out of hand.
  • 7.29 - A Gun To The Head, 12/02/2016
    After a disappointing display against Leicester, David Mooney is cheered up by the Independent’s Chief Football Correspondent Mark Ogden and The Sunday Post’s North West Football writer Adam Lanigan. City haven’t won against the top six this season - Sam Roscoe investigates why that is, while we also take a look ahead to the now crucial fixture with Tottenham. We catch up with Tom Davidson, an analyst at Football Manager, to find out how their simulation has City finishing the season. We also look at who might be in and out of the door when Pep Guardiola arrives and the implications of the FA Cup fixture with Chelsea being played on the Sunday evening.
  • 7.28 - Joe Hart Fan Fiction, 05/02/2016
    David Mooney is joined by Kieran Clarke and Typical City’s Dan Burke to discuss the week just gone - and what a week it’s been. City’s victories over Aston Villa and Sunderland are given the going over, while Paul Dickov speaks to Rob Pollard about Kelechi Iheanacho. Sunday Mirror Chief Football Correspondent Simon Mullock gives his reaction to the news that Pep Guardiola will be in the City dugout next year, while we look ahead to a crucial top-of-the-table clash with Leicester on Saturday. Howard Hockin talks about making history.
  • 7.27 - Pep Talk, 01/02/2016
    David Mooney is joined in the studio by fellow host Sam Roscoe for a Blue Moon Podcast special - as Pep Guardiola is confirmed as taking over from Manuel Pellegrini at the end of the season. We hear from the Manchester Evening News sports reporter Rob Pollard with his reaction, Joe Crilly from bookmakers William Hill gives us the latest transfer odds following the announcement, and Pol Gustems from Catalunya Radio - and Barcelona fan - explains what City fans can expect to see tactically from the Blues next season.
  • 7.26 - No Rhyme Or Reason, 29/01/2016
    After a rollercoaster week for Manchester City, Sam Roscoe is joined by Kieran Clarke and ESPN’s Jon Smith to talk through throw ins, penalties, how well Raheem Sterling did to keep the ball in, and refereeing decisions. David Mooney speaks to another Jon Smith, who represented Emmanuel Adebayor in his move to City, to find out more about agents’ roles in transfers. We look ahead to crucial games with Aston Villa and Sunderland, and Howard Hockin takes on modern football, those against it and those against those against it.
  • 7.25 - Wise Old Owl, 22/01/2016
    David Mooney is joined by the Chief Football Writer at the Sunday Mirror Simon Mullock and by Yahoo Sports City writer Richard Burns to look back over the week’s news - including a storming 4-0 win over Crystal Palace. We touch on Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Pablo Zabaleta, and we ask how the defence has managed to settle without the captain. Ahead of the second leg of the League Cup tie with Everton, Sam Roscoe reports on how the Blues do in two-legged ties when they’re trailing - and we preview the match with West Ham, too. Paul Lake chats to David Mooney about recurring injuries and the psychological effect that could be having on Vincent Kompany.
  • 7.24 - Electric Blue, 15/01/2016
    With back-to-back clean sheets in the last two games - and WITHOUT Vincent Kompany - Sam Roscoe is joined by Paul Atherton and Jon Smith to discuss the 3-0 win at Norwich and the 0-0 draw with Everton. David Mooney speaks to Adam Carter, the man behind the @StatCity Twitter account, and Howard Hockin takes a look at Manuel Pellegrini's conduct through the speculation that Pep Guardiola will take over from him at the end of the season. On top of that, we also look ahead to Saturday's match with Crystal Palace.
  • 7.23 - Absolute Chaos, 08/01/2016
    For the first show back of 2016, David Mooney is joined by Gaz Medina and the Manchester Evening News's Rob Pollard to look back over the win at Watford and the defeat in the League Cup semi-final first leg at Everton. We take a look at City's poor form in recent FA Cup seasons, how well Eliaquim Mangala and the defence are shaping up and we look at the benefits of Jesus Navas. Rob Wilson speaks to two fans battling chronic health problems to watch the Blues and we analyse the latest Pep Guardiola situation.
  • 7.22 - With The Money We’ve Spent (Christmas Special), 25/12/2015
    It’s Christmas and the team have gone to the local pub to enjoy dinner. David Mooney and Sam Roscoe are joined by Howard Hockin, Paul Atherton, Richard Burns and Rob Pollard to discuss the highs and lows of 2015. Perfect for while you peel the spuds.
  • 7.21 - Look At My Six Pack!, 23/12/2015
    In an early pre-Christmas show, Sam Roscoe is joined by David Mooney and Richard Burns to look back over a poor result at Arsenal - where we ask questions (again) of the defence, of the team’s ability to create and convert chances, and of Eliaquim Mangala and his future with the Blues. We also take a look at the coming Christmas period and whether City have what it takes to get their season back on track - and we examine some festive spells gone by. Sunday Mirror Chief Football Writer Simon Mullock gives us his thoughts on Manuel Pellegrini’s comments about the possible arrival of Pep Guardiola.
  • 7.20 - On His Rocking Chair, 18/12/2015
    David Mooney is joined by Sam Roscoe and Richard Burns to talk through City’s last-gasp win against Swansea. We wonder if Wilfried Bony will ever fit in at the Etihad and whether Eliaquim Mangala and Nicolas Otamendi can settle into the back four. We’re also looking at the Blues’ defence with and without Vincent Kompany, while we look ahead to the match at Arsenal. Howard Hockin talks us through the Champions League draw and we give our reaction to the coming ties with Dynamo Kiev. We also talk through the latest Pep Guardiola rumours.
  • 7.19 - Facemail, 11/12/2015
    It’s been an up and down week for City and we’re here to guide you all the way through it. We take a look back at the disaster at Stoke and analyse what then went right against Borussia Monchengladbach. We speak exclusively to Fabian Delph to find out how he’s settling down in Manchester, while Howard Hockin talks about not writing off City too soon. We look ahead to the match with Swansea and see if Wilfried Bony has fitted in to the squad in his first year.
  • 7.18 - Relax, Baby, 04/12/2015
    As City go back to the top of the Premier League table and are into the semi-finals of the League Cup, David Mooney is joined by Rob Pollard and Kieran Clarke to discuss the ins and outs of the week. We look at the games against Southampton and Hull, we throw forward to the match with Stoke, and we take a look at City’s record when then come up against their former managers in recent years. We chat to football finance expert Rob Wilson to find out what effect - if any - Sheikh Mansour’s sale of 13 per cent of his stake in the City Football Group will have on the Blues, too.
  • 7.17 - Dragging Us Back Down, 27/11/2015
    Well, what a week that wasn’t! Tactics and selection are the focus for Sam Roscoe as he hosts the show - Richard Burns and Gaz Medina discuss where results against Liverpool and Juventus leave City in both the Premier League and the Champions League. Sam takes a look at City’s worst moments since the takeover in response to Liverpool dishing out City’s worst home defeat at Eastlands ever, while Howard Hockin focuses on injuries. We look forward to Saturday’s match with Southampton.
  • 7.16 - So You’re Saying There’s An Agenda?, 20/11/2015
    David Mooney takes charge of the show, with Paul Atherton and Kieran Clarke, to look ahead at the coming match with Liverpool - how will Raheem Sterling do against his former club and what role will James Milner play coming back to his old employers? We speak to Neil Atkinson from the Anfield Wrap to preview the match, looking at how Jurgen Klopp is settling in Merseyside. We catch up with Tony Griffiths from the Reddish Blues to find out how the supporters’ club in Sierra Leone is coping following the World Health Organisation’s declaration that the country is ebola-free. We take a look forward at the Champions League picture, too, as the Blues prepare to take on Juventus, where a win will confirm them as winners of Group D.
  • 7.15 - Further the Baldness, 13/11/2015
    Sam Roscoe is joined by Rob Pollard and the Sunday Mirror’s Simon Mullock to take a look back at Manchester City’s draw with Aston Villa, despite the lack of goals at Villa Park Manuel Pellegrini’s men remain at the top of the Premier League table going into the international break. Across the pond New York City FC have a new boss, Patrick Veira will leave his role in the City Academy to take over from Jason Kreis. We speak to Jeff Carlisle an American soccer journalist to ask what impact the Frenchman will have in New York. Howard Hockin is also back, this week he’s talking City’s Champions League qualification and Aston Villa fans’ reaction to Fabian Delph.
  • 7.14 - Navas is Bae, 06/11/2015
    David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and Rob Pollard to look over a great week for Manchester City. Wins over Norwich and Sevilla mean the Blues are top of the Premier League and safely through to the next phase of the Champions League with games to spare. We take a closer look at Fernando’s improved form for the club, while Jesus Navas, Raheem Sterling and Wilfried Bony are put in the spotlight. We look ahead to the coming match with Aston Villa, while Gary James talks about some elements of the MCFC badge that might have some misconceptions surrounding them.
  • 7.13 Extra - Rob Pollard with... Ian Irving, 31/10/2015
    Rob Pollard speaks to Ian Irving from Premier League TV about Kelechi Iheanacho and the managerial position.
  • 7.13 - True Colours, 30/10/2015
    Following a goalless draw with Manchester United and a 5-1 hammering of Crystal Palace, David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and Paul Atherton to discuss all of the latest talking points: Where does Wilfried Bony fit into the squad? Should Kelechi Iheanacho get more minutes? Are we seeing a different, more pragmatic City under Manuel Pellegrini this season? All the answers are in the show. Plus - Rob Pollard catches up with Ian Irving from Premier League TV to get his thoughts on City’s season so far, we look ahead to the fixture with Norwich, and we speak to a former football league physio about the stresses and strains the game can put on the joints, asking if the Blues have an injury crisis.
  • 7.12 - Chipfat and Vinegar, 23/10/2015
    Sam Roscoe is joined by David Mooney and Richard Burns to discuss the last seven days of all things City. We look back over a dominant win against Bournemouth, a last-gasp victory in the Champions League against Sevilla, and we throw forward to the coming Manchester derby in the Premier League. We discuss if there are any underlying issues between Manuel Pellegrini and his captain Vincent Kompany or if it’s a case of being on the naughty step. Gary James joins us to speak about the history of the club’s badge - as City announce plans to consult the fans over a new design. Howard Hockin talks about his nerves ahead of the game with United and he casts his eyes over the books.
  • 7.11 - Belly Tickles, 16/10/2015
    As the domestic football returns, Sam Roscoe is joined by Rob Pollard and Jon Smith to look ahead to the coming game with Bournemouth. We’re assessing how City have fared through the international break on the injuries front, with Aguero and Silva being the headline problems - though there are some other names to throw into the pot too. We ask if Wilfried Bony can step up to the plate while the Argentine is injured and if it’s too early to judge him in a City shirt. David Mooney speaks to football finance expert Rob Wilson about the Blues now being in profit after the figures for 2014-15 were released. On top of all of that, we cast an eye to the Champions League and the midweek match with Sevilla.
  • 7.10 - Personally Delivered, 09/10/2015
    In international week, we take a look back at a seven-day spell that probably couldn’t have gone any better for City! David Mooney is joined by Rob Pollard and The Sunday Mirror’s Chief Football Correspondent Simon Mullock to look back at a fine display against Newcastle. We talk City’s big hitters - Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva - and Howard Hockin looks at a title race, even though it’s still only October.
  • 7.9 - A Relatively Simple Job, 02/10/2015
    It’s been a turbulent week for Manchester City, but David Mooney, Sam Roscoe and Richard Burns are all here to ease you through the choppy waters. We’re looking back at offsides, disallowed goals, set-backs, penalties and goalkeeping displays as we analyse what happened against both Tottenham and Borussia Monchengladbach. Mikkel Bischoff speaks to us about his time at Maine Road, while Sam catches up with MCWFC manager Nick Cushing ahead of their crunch game with Notts County on Sunday - where they could qualify for the Champions League and where they also have a chance of the WSL1 title. If that wasn’t enough, we preview the coming game with Newcastle and we’re talking apathy in Europe too.
  • 7.8 - Me Mam’s Retirement Do, 25/09/2015
    Following a defeat to West Ham and a big win at Sunderland, David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and Rob Pollard to talk through all of the City highlights of the last week. We discuss Sergio Aguero's run of form, how Nicolas Otamendi is settling in, and whether there's a case for hating on Jesus Navas. We discuss the youth policy after three academy graduates made their debut in midweek, while Sam Roscoe speak to Lucy Bronze about MCWFC's title run in and what it's like being in FIFA16. Howard Hockin talks fears and rivalries and we also look ahead to games with Tottenham and Borussia Monchengladbach.
  • 7.7 - Putrid Lime, 18/09/2015
    After City’s first defeat of the campaign, Sam Roscoe is joined by Gaz Medina and Richard Burns to sort through the positives and negatives of the last week. We look back at the last-gasp victory at Crystal Palace and contrast that with the loss to Juventus - asking whether or not the Blues deserved to end their first Champions League tie of the season with nothing. David Mooney’s been looking at some memorable first goals from academy graduates and he’s also been chatting to Rugby World Cup winner and City fan Will Greenwood. We also look ahead to the fixtures with West Ham and Sunderland, and we take a look at the brand new third kit.
  • 7.6 - Players On Finance, 11/09/2015
    The return of the Premier League is the main topic of discussion for host Sam Roscoe and panellists Paul Atherton and Jonathan Smith - who will start at right-back following injuries to Sagna and Zabaleta? Where will Kevin De Bruyne fit in? Will the international break have affected City’s rhythm? David Mooney speaks to the man who is auctioning off the tunnel from Maine Road, while Howard Hockin takes on England and Financial Fair Play. We take a look at how the finances show City are in a very healthy position and we also throw forward to the Champions League match with Juventus.
  • 7.5 - A Tactical Fernando, 04/09/2015
    With an international break on the horizon, David Mooney is joined by Sam Roscoe and Richard Burns to look back at City’s perfect start to the new season. We assess the club’s dealings in the transfer window, with the last-minute arrival of Kevin De Bruyne, and we speak to Jonathan Wilson from The Guardian and The Blizzard to rate City’s chances in the Champions League.
  • 7.4 - Not Too Upbeat, 28/08/2015
    David Mooney is joined by Paul Atherton and Adam Keyworth to talk back through the 2-0 win over Everton. We speak to La Liga expert David Cartlidge from BeIN Sports about the move of Nicolas Otamendi, while we also react to the news that Kevin de Bruyne is set to sign. David Mooney takes a look at City's record over the promoted teams, while Howard Hockin takes on the Liverpool pundits. We also give our thoughts on the Champions League group stage draw.
  • 7.3 - The 9th Win Trophy, 21/08/2015
    Rob Pollard and Richard Burns join Sam Roscoe for our third episode of the new season - they look back at City’s excellent 3-0 win over Chelsea and assess the season so far. We speak to Joe Crilly from William Hill bookmakers, after City’s title odds have been shortened to make them the most-fancied potential league winners at this stage of the campaign ever. David Mooney speaks to former chairman David Bernstein in the second part of our interview, while Danny Wilson gives us the lowdown on the new South Stand.
  • 7.2 - That’s A Big Carrot!, 14/08/2015
    David Mooney is joined by Richard Burns and The Sunday Post’s football correspondent Adam Lanigan to discuss the 3-0 victory over West Brom and to look ahead to the coming match with Chelsea. Former City chairman David Bernstein explains to David Mooney his decision to resign from the board in 2003 and Howard Hockin returns to give the transfer window both barrels.
  • 7.1 - Excessive Smiling, 07/08/2015
    The Blue Moon Podcast returns with a show recorded backstage at City Live. Hosts David Mooney and Sam Roscoe are joined by guests Black Rivers, Alex Williams, Mike Wedderburn, and Mike McClean to preview the coming season for the Blues. David Mooney takes a look at pre-season, while Sam Roscoe speaks to Joe Crilly from William Hill bookmakers to get all of the latest title odds. Steph Houghton also gives us the latest from Manchester City Women, and we hear from both Vincent Kompany and Gael Clichy on how their preparations for the new campaign have gone.
  • Looks Like Scunny Next Season, 30/05/2014
    On Sunday 30th May 1999, Manchester City played one of the most important games in their history. Having sunk to the lowest point in their history, the Blues had the chance to bounce back from Division Two at the first attempt when they faced Gillingham in the Play-Off Final. But it almost all went wrong, with City trailing 2-0 as stoppage time approached. Kevin Horlock and Paul Dickov scored last minute goals to pull the club level, before they went on to win on penalties. In this special documentary, David Mooney has spoken to every one of the players involved that day and the manager to mark the 15th anniversary of the game.
  • From False Dawns and F*ck Ups, 22/12/2012
    While Manchester City fans are currently enjoying watching the English champions play at The Etihad Stadium, it's something that generations of blues have missed out on. In this documentary, David Mooney looks at all of the false dawns that the fans have endured since the club dropped to its lowest ever league position in December 1998.